Distribution of 12.000 print edition per each issue,

Digital delivery to nearly 40.000 companies,

Distribution at nearly 20 fastener and metalworking fairs, and over 50 sectoral fair,

To the manufacturers of cold forming, hot forming, machining, sheet metal processing, forging, spring and formed wire, metal parts

To the fastener wholesalers and importers

Fasteners and metal parts end users (automotive main and side industry, white goods main and side industry, machinery, building, electricity, furniture, lighting, defense industry, ship industry, pen, glassware,

Medical, elevator, trailer, mold, plastic, agricultural-work and construction machinery, heating and cooling and other)

The companies that supply machine, mold, raw materials and serve to the firms producing fasteners and metal parts

Foreign trade firms, consulates, associations, unions, undersecretariats.