BERARDI Has Been Steadily Growing Over a Hundred Years

Since its foundation a century ago as a craft workshop overlooking Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Berardi Bullonerie, which has recently acquired VI.B.F. Fasteners (based in Brescia), has been a leading company in the distribution of technical components and has been providing its customers with an ever-growing array of cutting-edge products and certified high-quality materials. 
As a matter of fact, the company has been steadily growing not only thanks to takeovers, but also thanks to commercial strategies that have proved to be successful over a hundred years. These strategies include constantly extending the range of items in stock by adding new products, so as to meet the needs of the technological transformation of the production process (e.g., standard components and plastic fasteners), as well as expanding to foreign markets, Morocco (where a brand-new company, Berardi Maroc, has been founded) and Croatia in particular. 
The company is based in Castel Guelfo di Bologna, and with its twelve branches located in different Italian cities and its three affiliates (Vibolt and Vitman, taken over in 2006, and the recently-acquired company, VI.B.F Fasteners S.r.l.), it is a remarkable example of entrepreneurial skills and tradition, handed down for four generations by the Berardi family - and the fifth is on its way. It all started with Giulio, who founded the company, while Giovanni is the current president. “What has driven our growth and made us successful over the past decades is the ability of providing technical, commercial and logistic support, with state-of-the-art solutions and technologies”, said Giovanni. 
Berardi Bullonerie boasts 150,000 references, 45,000 items in stock, over 3.5 billion items delivered per year and a turnover exceeding € 73 million in 2018 (over € 76 million if we consider the recently-acquired company based in Brescia), thus confirming the positive trend of the group with a 10% increase on 2017. “We are keeping up the innovation process we have started at the beginning of the 2000s by stocking more and more products and providing integrated logistic services that allow us to keep up with the times and understand in advance the needs of our customers”, added the president. The flagships of the Berardi group are the quality-control and technical departments, which are in charge of product certification and any demands for special items, which represent 25% of the turnover. Berardi also stands out for its Kanban and Kanban Up integrated logistic services, which have been created to constantly provide the group’s partners with bolts, fittings, clamps or accessories for the oil-hydraulic sector and much more, “so as to save time, energy, and financial resources: everything is taken care of by one supplier only”. Other noteworthy services have been recently added: the IPD automatic distribution and the EasySelf24 service.
As the digital revolution helps people overcome distances and geographical boundaries, the group aims at expanding beyond the Italian market, as it did in Croatia and Morocco, where the subsidiary company Berardi Maroc ( has been established.
To celebrate its 100th birthday, the Berardi Group has focused on social advancement and solidarity projects in Africa, Italy and obviously in the areas in which it has been working for a century. It has supported Fondazione Ant Italia and the “Giardino degli Angeli” association in Castel San Pietro. The group has joined with Gli Amici di Beatrice to promote the foundation of a nursing and medical school in Tanzania, while also promoting the creation of a pneumatics lab for the students of the Salesiani Institute of Mechanics and sport events aimed at involving people with disabilities, cooperating with Memorial Francesco Berardi and Fondazione Gesù Divino Operaio. Last but not least, the group has rewarded its employees, who have stepped into the new century of the group’s history.

Date : 15.03.2019