Ezel Civata Continues to Invest and Grow in 2019

Ezel Cvata strengthens its position in the Fasteners Industry with its worldwide export capacity  and new investments.
15thousand tons/year Production Capacity
      With 50 years of experience in the sector, Ezel Cvata operates over 30.000m2  open and 13.000 m2 closed area, in Izmir. 
Ezel Cvata has a fully integrated in-house production process consisting of  body coating, wire drawing, cold-forging, heat treatment, plating and automated custom packaging with over 120 machines.
Ezel Cvata has been constantly increasing  its production capacity and product range by concentrating on both standard and special products.
2019 Investments
  In order to meet the 8.8, 10,9 and 12,9 quality fastener needs of our customers, we invested in a new Heat Treatment Plant. Our new continuous, electric powered, fully automated and PLC controlled Heat Treatment Furnace will be in action with full capacity by April, 2019.
With the addition of our fully automated coating plant to our factory in 2015, we can provide Zinc coating, Blue, Yellow and Black pasivasion (Cr+3) to our customers.
All in-house and integrated production enables Ezel Cvata to control the entire process and quality from raw material to finished product.  This also ensures enhanced tracebility which provides the customers with a valued trust to the company.
Coping With The Digitilized World
Ezel Cvata, with its new ERP system, CANIAS, is now able to meet the current and the future needs of its customers.
We can now provide our customers with tracebility, visibility and control over the production and supply of even complex and customized products. 
Our Goals
We are working on receiving IATF 16949 certification in 2019.  Ezel Cvata, with its qualified and experienced team is working constantly  to contiue to provide high quality and fast service to our customers and to improve its standards even higher. 

Date : 15.03.2019