Norm Cvatas International Project with the Worth of 2 Million

Norm Cvata succeeds in making a distinguished name for oneself in the world with the international projects it has been carrying out. Cluster Program on Advanced Manufacturing of EUREKA SMART, of which Norm Cvata is one of the founding members, announced its first call for project applications on December 11, 2017. Norm Cvata’s “Cryogenic assisted machining - CryoMach” project in recognition of this call, with partners from Belgium, Sweden and Spain was awarded the “EUREKA SMART Label” by international referees.
Norm Civata, who served as the Leader of Test and Validation Work Package at the CryoMach Project, was the only partner in the consortium to receive “green light” from its own funding institution as result of preliminary assessment made by TUBITAK.
“R & D is as important as production and export at the least”
The CEO of Norm Holding Kamil Baaran to underline the importance they place on R & D said that with this development, they fulfilled the top target of “Carrying out an international project with high-level R & D properties” they set for themselves following the Audit on R & D Center conducted by the Ministry of Industry.
Noting that, this project, which lasts 36 months and has a budget of about 2 million Euros, aims to prevent overheating of tool parts and prolong their life by cooling with carbon dioxide and nitrogen instead of conventional cooling fluids used in metalworking process, Mr. Baaran also said: “We have received “EUREKA SMART Label” by technical examination by the international referees. In addition, approval from TUBITAK after a preliminary evaluation of the project is very valuable in terms of both our institution and our country. Technically speaking, in the world where Industry 4.0 is in play, developing such R & D projects and creating funds for them means as much contribution to our country as exporting at the least. We will continue to drive up our export and production figures in terms of the economy of the business while continuing to invest in R & D for technological development.” 

Date : 21.09.2018