Norm Holdings Expansion to USA

Norm Holding, the largest company in Turkey in the sense of being a supplier of giant automotive companies of the world in the field of fasteners, now expanding its operations to the United States after Europe.
The company started its operations under the name of Norm FastenersCo, in Lansing, the capital and the 6th largest city of Michigan in the United States of America. Nedim Uysal, Vice Chairman of Norm Holding, explained the process of expanding to the USA in his speech he made in the opening ceremony of the company, in which Andy Shor, the mayor of Lansing also participated. Stating that through Norm FastanersCo they will have a better chance of reaching the US market easier and operating more effectively Uysal said that their priority is to highlight excellence in the processes of sales and marketing, warehouse and logistics. Uysal stated that they will continue to offer competitive values to all of their customers, especially to John Deere, the current customer and the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers based in the US, thus they aim to grow in the US market.
Establishing a logistics base
Uysal emphasized that as Norm Holding, they are establishing a logistics base in the United States and said: “We will serve our customers with a warehouse of 2 thousand square meters and a team of 20 people. The US market is very big in this sense. As Norm Holding, we believe that we will raise our market share mainly in the US and on the American continent with the facilities and logistics infrastructure of our company. Uysal pointed out that the investments made with the aim of exportation are very valuable especially in the current economic conditions our country is going through and said, “we prioritize every investment and opportunity that will bring foreign currency to our country.” 
Andy Shor, Mayor of Lansing, expressed his pleasure for hosting Norm Holding and investing in their cities.

Date : 23.11.2018