Fasten in One Place!

 The constant demand for cars, planes and all kinds of industrial machines means that the global fastener market (according to Research and Markets) will earn a spectacular amount of 134.2 billion trillion dollars by the end of 2025! A large piece of this financial cake will fall to Poland - currently the fifth economy in Europe, producing pegs, rivets, screws or screws. Following the development of the fasteners industry, FASTENER POLAND® is moving - a key forum for exchanging experiences, learning new products, and building effective business relations between companies from around the world.

The event will be held on October 16-18 at EXPO Krakow, Poland. FASTENER POLAND® promises to be very interesting - about 150 companies will participate in the Trade Fair. 67.5% of them are foreign companies, among others from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, France, Turkey, the United Kingdom, India, the United States, Taiwan and China. During the Trade Fair, among others, the most modern fasteners and industrial fasteners (from screws, to nuts, pins and wedges), building connectors (anchors, concrete screws, fixing of facades and insulation). New products will be more: advanced assembly and installation systems as well as fastener production technologies and devices for their storage and distribution.
A rich accompanying program

Participants of the Trade Fair will be able to take part in the 2nd Fasteners Congress, organized by ELAMED Media Group, the publisher of the FASTENER magazine. Speakers will be the greatest authorities in the industry. They will present the latest solutions in the use and application of fasteners and present specialized tools. The FASTENER POLAND® Trade Fair will take place simultaneously with the 9th International Fair of Composite Materials, Technologies and Products KOMPOZYT-EXPO® and the 8th Exhibition of Industrial Subcontracting. The thematic scope of the Exhibition has been expanded to include services for representatives of the fasteners industry, especially in terms of galvanizing and applying protective coatings on fasteners, in order to protect them from corrosion, to give them better quality and visual features.

Free on-line registration
Online registration is  available on Fastener Poland’s official website  After completing the short form, visitors will receive the opportunity to visit the Fair free of charge and participate in a rich accompanying program

Date : 16.08.2018