Dimac MCV-Suite has the X factor

We all know when we mention a person with the “X factor” we refer to somebody with a special talent. Many times, we use this appeal also for smart systems and devices.
That’s the case of Dimac MCV Suite which includes software and hardware devices with talents to support the fasteners manufacturers in reaching the target of zero defects.
The comprehensive concept of Dimac digital approach encompasses the entire value chain, offering tangible benefits to Fastener OEMs and end-users, making possible to manufacture with top quality right away.
1. Product design. The upgraded Volume Plus release is a software package that aids the pre-control of the forging process, helping the manufacturer to estimate and predict the production costs of any forged part.
In seconds and through a very intuitive user-interface, the software allows the calculations of the precise volumes and geometries of preform punches, determining the correct diameters for blanks to be rolled with special threads, creating complex forming progressions.
Perfectly integrating the CAD software and simulation/validation packages, Volume Plus offers essential indications about volumes and weights for a wide variety of non-standard complex shape components, not to mention extrusion ratios and forging limits, waste material – in case of trimming or piercing operations – and accurate descriptions of holes, recesses, rings, ribs etc.
2. Production planning and optimization. Thanks to the connection over the network with integrated automation components, MCV_Plant allows the quality process remote control, providing all real-time relevant data of the automatic inspection & sorting machines running on the shop floor.
Just by clicking an icon on the desktop, it is possible to monitor the sorting job on any single machine, the number of OK/NOK parts, as well as statistic reports with output rate, immediately visible and available on the remote screen. Eventually, any alarm or warning message is highlighted on the desktop for the supervisor.
Feeding back all insights into the entire value chain, MCV_Plant generates a fully closed decision-making loop for the continuous optimization of the production quality process in the real world.
3.New Technologies for Servicing . Aiming to remain one step ahead revolutionizing the 100% quality control technology, Dimac further enhances their own DRA (Dimac Remote Assistance) adding the Augmented Reality service App powered by Acty. This new App specifically conceived for the customers’ assistance, has been developed to troubleshoot the Dimac machines by remote. Prior to any intervention at customer’s site Dimac can activate a live cam chat within an augmented reality environment and support the operators to identify the origin of any problem and troubleshoot.
That means cost-effectiveness – streamlining and abating any down time – whilst facilitating and speeding up the machine cycle restart.

Precisely designed to optimize test throughput with the automation and robotics state of the art, SPC-ROBOT is the new series expanding Dimac machines range, to support fastener and fixing manufacturing process with a minimization of the scatter in the results and an overall reduction in the cost and time of testing. 
Mobile, multi-station, control and data collection unit, SPC-ROBOT is equipped with an anthropomorphic, COBOT, TURBOCLEAN station for the parts cleaning and an optical measurement station with high-resolution digital camera.
It can be positioned directly in the workshop to service a group of production machines while the COBOT releases the operators from any duty concerning the SPC control at regular intervals and laboratory personnel are relieved of routine jobs, thus becoming available for more complex activities.

Dimac next generation automatic packing machine L-BOX is the direct answer to the increased demand for a versatile boxing equipment in the fasteners sorting departments.
This 2018 series wears a revised layout which combines and exceeds all the qualities associated with the original model, becoming smarter and even more practical.
The setup is controlled by a very intuitive, user-friendly panel, equipped with manual and automatic commands. A conveyor belt brings-in the empty containers under the adjustable filling chute whilst the filled containers are fed-out by gravity through a free-rollers track to be unloaded.
L-BOX can be plugged to any master sorting equipment to perform a slave boxing cycle by key-switching to auto mode. Sensors are fitted to prevent box collisions or wrong containers positioning, alarms will display from where any problem is coming from (i.e. conveyor belt or pneumatic cylinders), making it very simple to troubleshoot.
To sum up, high-tech, reliability, versatility combined with mechanics, electronics and software top-quality are integral parts of Dimac MCVx factor. Eventually, it’s the commitment for excellence without any compromise the true quality which makes this company unique in the fastener inspection and sorting segment.

Date : 26.11.2018