Fastener Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association

Representatives Of Fastener Industry Of Turkey Came Together In Annual Evaluation Meeting Of Fastener Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association

BESİAD, Fastener Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association of Turkey held a meeting on the topic of Reviewing 2018 and Strategies for 2019 
under management of Mr. Mustafa Tecdelioğlu, the president of BESİAD, on 18 December 2018.

At the meeting, overall economic and sectoral status in the world and in Turkey, the general assessment of the year 2018, forecasts for 2019, the measures to be taken against possible scenarios, global effects on the fasteners sector and strategies to bring the industry to a more competitive point, were discussed.

“We are in the top three in Europe in the production of Fasteners”.
In his opening speech, BESIAD President Mustafa Tecdelioglu stated that the number of members of the association was 92 and expected to reach 100 in 2019 as it grows each year.
Evaluating 2018, he stated that the Fastener Sector started hopeful for the year, that the export and domestic sales figures remained quite satisfactory, but the economic crisis experienced due to the rise of foreign exchange rate after July affected the whole market adversely. Tecdelioğlu, also added: “In 2018, our exports reached $500 million with 135 thousand tons. Compared to last year, approximately 24% growth was recorded in tonnage and value. It’s safe to say that a total of 1 billion dollar fasteners have been exported including bolts used in sectors such as automotive, white goods, steel construction, and furniture.” 
Mustafa Tecdelioglu, also told about the service of MATİL A.Ş. (Materials Testing and Innovation Laboratories) where he serves as Chairman of the Board, to the sector. Referring to the planned support for the participation of Turkish firms in international fairs, he gave recommendations to support the organization YOUNG BESIAD.

“Our market size is as big as 1 million tons.”
Mr. Tecdelioğlu also talked about the formation process of the “World Fastener Association” project, of which first foundations were laid at UDIB’s meeting on the theme of “Quality in Fasteners” in Milan, Italy in September.
Mr. Hasan Şemsi, the owner of Tarsus-based Berdan Bolt, expressed his satisfaction for the increase in exports in the fasteners and the narrowing gap between the import-export volumes compared to previous years. He also stated that Berdan Cıvata’s exports reached 10 million dollars in 2018, and mentioned that they have the only accredited certified laboratory in Turkey. Mr. Şemsi shared that their laboratories are open to the market and that they had produced and own the largest pulling device of Europe with 500 tons in order to serve large bolt producers.

Kroman Çelik representative stated that having steel produced as a raw material in Turkey paved the way for fastener sector which is gratifying. He also added that as Kroman Çelik, they were striving to provide healthier and more reliable raw materials to the Fasteners sector and that they are making investments in this direction.

Mr. Marcel Mori, the owner of SİMAR, told about his impressions from International Fastener Show China which he attended as a representative of BESIAD and expressed his suggestions for the Turkish companies to participate in the shows in Far East region. He also pointed out that despite economic fluctuations and adversities, the Turkish companies should continue to invest, and the efforts for improvement smoothed the way for the Fastener sector of Turkey and gave hope for the future.

Mr. Topuk of Bolt Fasteners stated that the Fastener Sector had been developing rapidly for years and would continue to advance by setting goals. He emphasized that BESIAD’s share in this development and efforts to bring together sector members are very important.

Murat Cıvata’s owner Mr. Gündüz Deniz stated that despite all the economic negativities in the second half of 2018, the Fasteners Sector continued its advancement and improved, and that they were satisfied and proud that the locomotive companies of the sector continued their investments in domestic and foreign markets. He also stated that he believed there will be better developments for the sector in 2019 and conveyed good wishes.

Mr. Remzi Topuk, the owner of Bolt Fasteners, emphasized the importance and necessity of nationalization in the supply of raw materials/wire rods for further development, also mentioning how much of the fastener industry was a labor-intensive sector. Stating that the sector has shown great improvement in quality and qualification, increased its exports and increased production of value-added products especially in the last 10 years, Mr Remzi Topuk gave advice to all industry firms to perceive the temporary challenges as an opportunity to reorganize themselves and to be optimistic.

Mr. Fatih Uysal, NORM Holding’s Chairman of Board of Directors stated that due to the precision of quality measurements, there are compelling factors on the part of producers. In order not to cause unilateral grievances, he stressed the necessity of combating hypersensitive deviations in the quality standards on behalf of the producers. Fatih Uysal, citing the repercussions of additional taxes imposed on China by the US on European countries, China and Turkey shared their impact on the Fasteners sector. 

He stated, “Fastener Industry of Turkey needs the support of the steel companies to become more competitive in the world market. What would pave the way for our country and our sector is to turn to value-added production and export.”
Telling about the operations of Norm Cıvata, Mr. Uysal said that the capacity reached 130 thousand tons and the targeted capacity for 2019 was 120 thousand tons. He also mentioned that despite the fact that export values were over €100 million, it was not at the desired level of profitability and emphasized the importance of maintaining price stability in the sector for all producers.
Mr. Nacaroğlu, referring to the difficulties in the production stage of Fasteners, mentioned that, on the other hand, domestic production of raw materials, molds, and other equipment carried Turkey to an advantageous and competitive position. It was also pleasing to see that the exports are above the imports thanks to the status the sector attained. He also stated that, in terms of price and logistics, Turkey is an advantageous market for European countries and it should be assessed by Turkish producers. While referring to the importance of turning to exports, he recommended Turkish producers to maintain price stability.

Date : 01.02.2019