Italian Union Of Fastener Distributors (Udib) Hosts First Fasteners Associations Global Meeting

The meeting that brought together the associations of fasteners was held on 25 September in Milan was hosted by Italian Union of Fastener Distributors. The meeting with the attendees from many countries, where the heads of the associations of the countries made speeches and Mr. Sante COSTA, owner of Easy Quality Laboratories, made a presentation about quality, has the universal trait.
Founded in 1976, UDIB, Italian Union of Fastener Distributors, represents 15.250 professionals and 355 companies with half a billion Euro in addition to turnover. Each company is unique in its distribution chain and is characterized by a strong professionalism and commercial ability to maintain a competitive atmosphere. The Italian fastener market has EUR 850 million stock, a business volume of 3.85 billion Euros and a turnover of 276,000 Euros per employee.
UDIB with its board of directors and chair, structured to provide insights and solutions to the problems of the fastener industry in Italy. The purpose of UDIB is to unearth the knowledge and capabilities and to develop existing ones in order to move the Italian fastener market to the next level while maintaining the relations between the distributors and the competitive environment. 
UDIB, one of the most active members of EFDA (European Fastener Distributors Association) Association, continues its efforts at full speed to ensure the fair development of the fasteners market in Italy and to reach the global level.
Mr. Gian Marco Dalphane, in his speech in the event, talked about the problems of the fastener sector in Italy and the effects of the crisis, what needs to be done to prevent them and the areas of activity of the UDIB. Emphasizing the importance of the Italian market even in the face of rising unemployment and economic turmoil, Dalphane underlined the fact that UDIB strives to be a partner in the solution of all problems in the Italian fastener sector.


Mr. Sergio Privano, the President of UPIVEB, Union of Italian Manufacturers of Screws and Bolts, was among the speakers of the conference. In his speech, Mr. Privano talked about the 57 years of success and activities of UPIVEB. He also said that aimed to overcome problems such as unemployment, migration, and to make business and employer relations more reliable noting that 75% of UPIVEB’s members were national fastener producers and we represent 230 companies, 7.500 employees and 2 billon Euro national production value.


In his speech devoted to four main headings Mr. Volker LEDERER, the President of EFDA, (European Fastener Distributors Association) talked about the formation of EFDA, the activities of EFDA in Europe, whom EFDA represents and new applications in the fastener sector and their impacts.  
He also emphasized that the service provided by EFDA should not disturb the competitive environment and that continue working to have European Fasteners Distributors to trade under fair conditions. Stating that the negotiations were being conducted with the European Parliament and the European Commission on anti-dumping investigations Mr. LEDERER added: “Our negotiations with the Commission gave positive results. I am pleased to inform you that the export quota thresholds have been increased from 2500 kg to 5000 kg.”
Emphasizing that the European market has developed and will continue to develop over the years, LEDERER explained: “As EFDA, we are aware of the importance of this growing market and the importance of its role in the economy.”
Speaking of new trends and developments in the fastener sector, the President said that digitalization and becoming an international company are among the industry’s biggest challenges in the new era. “How are these new trends affecting our business? For example, data measurements, machine-to-machine communication, and automated processes are on the way to digitalization and they are turning quickly to automation. These changes will fundamentally change the world order.” LEDERER also mentioned that small and medium-sized companies face many difficulties both in digitalization and in the way of becoming an international company and said that as EFDA they, taking this problem seriously, work to have small and medium-sized companies to adapt to these changes and not to be left behind and helpless. Referring to the importance of distributors’ connectedness and assistance to each other in Europe he finished his speech with the expression “We are much stronger when we are together!”

Mr. Henry CHANG, the Chair of TFTA, (Taiwan Fastener Trading Association), in his speech, he talked about what TFTA serves and the vision of the association. Stating TFTA’s vision as to take place in the fastener market on a globalizing world with a competitive perspective, Mr. CHANG added that TFTA aims to bring together more Taiwanese fastener manufacturers and exporters and to make them have a say in this market. TFTA has defined its task as being a voice for the members on international platforms and informing them of new developments in the world. TFTA is also in contact with associations such as EFDA and NFDA. Thus, its members keep pace with time and new developments.
Mr. CHANG added general information about Taiwan fastener industry. “In Fastener industry there are about 1700 companies with 50.000 employees and annual output is about 1, 7 million metric tons. In 2017, 90% output was exported and it worth 3, 7 billion euro. Estimated 2018 sales was at 3, 9 billion euro and 2018 first 3 quarters; 2, 64 billion euro.”


Mr. Kelly Cole, President of NFDA, (ABD National Fastener Distributors Association) said that they represent over 4,000 member distributors and 170 company members. 
He mentioned that the education of young people has a very important place in fastener sector and that they make a special effort for the education of the people working in this sector. M. Kelly Cole said: “One in ten people working in the American fastener industry will retire in seven or eight years. This shows that there will be a new majority in this sector that will make the entrance into the sector. We are doing our part as NFDA. By organizing courses to link our members of the FEA (Federal Education Association) with the future and to have them take part in developments, we aim to prepare our members for the future’s working lives and the fastener sector. Our training can be either for discounted prices or free of charge. In the past we used to play golf in such associations to blend and socialize, thus, get to know each other. Now we are organizing training to teach competitive environment, so we are not playing golf for this.” Based on the latest information received from the ITR Economics (Economic Advisor), about the US economic situation the NFDA president, COLE, stated that the last 6 months were a chaotic environment for America. “I don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow because of the events related to terror and North Korea,” he expressed his worries. 
The president said that he expects positive developments in the economy by 2020 according to the ITR findings. He also said: “Iron-steel, electronic equipment, and housing market are not suitable for investment, but I’m hoping that they will improve later on.”


Ms. Shirley Wu, the President of HKSFC (Hong Kong Screw and Fastener Council), who, at the same time, is the first female president of this council, in her speech mentioned that the Council and its members had participated in many overseas activities and fairs in order to go further stating that these are necessary for Hong Kong to introduce and represent itself in the foreign market. Ms. Wu said: “Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea should come together, cooperate, exchange information so that we can get stronger. We can go further only if we come together.” Arguing that friendships must be maintained outside of work and that they should be united in something other than money, Ms. Wu also reminded that this is what her father used to practice, thus became one with this 5 important countries, and in this way, he reached his goals so that union made strength.
The sectors that serve in Hong Kong are extending over a wide area such as automotive, screw, bolt, accessory industry, train tracks, medical sector. Stating that this broad spectrum is their power, Shirley Wu believes that working together and cooperating would be beneficial.

Mr. Mustafa Tecdeliolu, the President of BESIAD, (Fastener Industrialists and Businessmen Association of Turkey) was one of the speakers of the event. 
Stating that since its founding in 2002 the association is working to become worldwide representative of fasteners sector of Turkey, Mr. Tecdeliolu said that BESIAD has 90 members 75 of which of the fastener manufacturers and 15 of them are consists of sub-industry companies serving to fastener industry. Mr. Tecelliolu continued his speech as follows: “80% of fastener production capacity in Turkey represented by these 75 manufacturer members. The volume of the fasteners market in Turkey is approximately 900,000 tons, and this is equivalent to almost 1.6 million Turkish liras. Before BESIAD was established, Turkish firms were using 70% of the wire rod as imported. But it is now available from Turkish steel producers. This was a joint project of BESIAD, the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish steelmakers and it is carried out. BESIAD in Turkey continues to work tirelessly toward the future.” BESIAD President Mr. Tecdeliolu stated that  they have been working with universities, other associations and Ministry of Industry, they have established an accredited laboratory in Istanbul Technical University for research and development on fasteners and steel production that called MATIL where more than 25 engineers are employed and he himself serves as the president also. Late last year and established members aged between 18-30 who YOUNG BESIAD, Turkey Fasteners said the industry is moving towards becoming a project sheds light on the future.There is also YOUNG BESIAD was established with the members aged between 18-30 which also continues gaining ground to become a project of fastener industry of Turkey bearing torch for the future. Mr. Mustafa TECDELOLU also said that the number of Turkish producers has increased in the last 15 years and they hope that will continue to increase. He added that BESIAD aims to become one of the top three fastener manufacturers in Europe. “Our goals include Turkey in the list of top ten fastener producers of the world in 2023, 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the State of the Republic of Turkey,” he said. Expressing “Maybe one day, together with a representative from each country, we can establish the World Association of Fasteners, “Mustafa TECDELOLU, argued that the union that would be formed under the chairmanship of a member will develop the market for fastener industry among others. 


TIFI (Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute) President Mr. Joe Chen, started his speech mentioning Mr. Yu Lin, who is known as the father of Taiwan Fastener industry, how he made screw-and-bolt machines by himself and his respect for him. 70 years ago, when Chun Yu Lin was asked if anyone made screws in Taiwan, he promised he would do it and fulfilled his promise despite the fact that he had no knowledge about the subject. Emphasizing that 90% of the production in Taiwan is exported and its targets are high, Joe Chen said that they had good relations with the steelmaking companies so that they make decisions together before giving the price every quarter. Joe Chen said that they can intervene in sales prices because they can state opinions about the price of the main material. He added that they were trying to do their best to make the Taiwan Fastener industry get better, and invited all participants to the Taiwan Fastener Fair in Taiwan.     


Date : 23.11.2018