Exploring Zero-Defect Horizons

Internationally recognized as one of the most flexible and reliable company on the market, Dimac ‘s commitment is to keep on partnering fastener industry so that they can both drive on the journey to zero defects together.
The trend relevant to the fastener market has led OEMs to realize that adopting efficient 100% inspection and sorting equipment is no more an option, it is a must. Fastener manufacturers must produce parts with zero defects since production speed and quality depend on them.
This is even more true for those manufacturers committed to supply very demanding segments –Automotive first, where the powertrain, the reliability and the safety of an automobile is depending many times to the quality of fasteners – who rightly expect parts to have more and more integrity.
This approach requires the use of efficient 100% inspection and sorting equipment, guaranteeing a reliable supply of high-quality products to customers, as well as additional feedback to improve the overall production process, maximizing uptime, critical part safety and prevent potential rework, recall, or liability.
Dimac’s Innovative Quality Approach
Dimac is equipping its machines only with top mechanics and electronics components, high-resolution optical systems for any dimensional measurement, incorporating the most advanced laser and eddy current devices to determine metallurgical defects.
The Italian company’s systems are high-end turnkey plug & play solutions, and their technological effectiveness is consistent with the Lean Manufacturing Process, proved by the customers’ international appreciation.
Currently, Dimac has more than 900 machines running 24/7 all over the world, inspecting and sorting billions of fasteners, ranging from bolts, screws, studs, cylindrical parts, nuts, washers, fittings, bushings etc.
Dimac inspection solutions prevent costly malfunctions and down times, removing defective fasteners at heart, before they enter production.
Each piece can be inspected for burrs, scratches, thread damage or head cracks and dimensional measurement, such as thread parameters, lengths, diameters, radii, straightness and recess depth, can be confirmed with the higher tolerances’ accuracy.
A Total Control like that smooths the operations in any fastener business and provides guidelines to help Quality Management always selecting the right action at the right time.
The Case History: AKS Otomotiv
Having developed specialized expertise over more than twenty years, the Turkish fastener company AKS Otomotiv has focused on manufacturing high-precision and critical components for automotive mainly.
The output consists in machined, stamped, broached parts, precision shims and washers, standard and non-standard fasteners for e.g. the cylinder head, crankshaft, flywheel, and main bearing cap, as well as for the camshaft.
Targeting to operate all processes with zero defects and holding ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 quality management certificates, AKS is continuously working to improve their quality management systems and lean manufacturing practices to remain a competitive and reliable supplier.
One of the key investments in guaranteeing the quality of its critical fasteners was to select the latest generation of Dimac MCV5 series, advanced, sophisticated and easy-to-use inspection and sorting system.
“Our philosophy is to assure that all fastener dimensions are 100% accurate,” says Mr. Özcan Kaya, Quality Manager at AKS “therefore we turned to Dimac state-of-the-art technology. In the specific instance, the MCV5 model fully satisfies our requirements in terms of real-time calculation and flawless dimensional precision”.
“It is possible to create a profile of each part, along with measurement of a wide range of user-defined features,” explains Mr. Andrea Cuttica, Project Manager at Dimac “to determine if each part meets exact dimensional requirements”.
“Defects can be located anywhere,” continues Mr. Cuttica “so you must measure all the way around or you are missing defects. Our staff and AKS experts worked together to find the best solution and the result was this redesigned version of MCV5”.
The MCV5 installed in AKS plant – in the Tuzla free zone area in Istanbul – offers the best features of an optical sensor-controlled system for triggering the parts and a high-end vision system, equipped with three telecentric high-res top digital cameras and one side digital camera, coupled a special lens mounting system and collimated lighting.
The range of parts that MCV5 can inspect is wide: nuts, welding nuts, self-locking nuts, washers, safety rings, plates, feather keys, bushes, fittings, screws, threaded inserts and parts produced by fine blanking.
Parts can have flat or cylindrical geometry; the sorting speed is up to 450 pieces/minute and the repeatability is up to +/- 0,01 mm.
Even the universal feeding system and the superfast setup times have been further enhanced whilst the software running on the machine is the last release of MCVx vision suite.
Optionally, the machine can be equipped with special functions. The profile check by the high-resolution scanning of the part profile and detection of small marks, burrs and any kind of deviation from the geometrical contour.
The in-thread-OK tool, to verify the presence and check the quality of inner threads, and the double face check, inspecting the surface defects performed on two opposite faces of the component.
“Our brand is becoming more recognizable internationally,” Mr. Özcan Kaya affirms “due in part to our exhaustive pursuit of quality and investments in 100% reliable devices like that”.
Mr Massimo Agrati, GM @ Dimac affirms: “We leverage our commitment to excellence and experience for precision engineering aiming to apply at their best the most innovative techniques, putting in place the right measures to accomplish our customers’ expecting targets”.
2019 Engagements
Dimac is successfully integrating its models and services with the New Technologies.
“Automation, Robotics, Augmented Reality, I.A. are at the gates,” Mr. Agrati concludes “and we all must reckon with, turning up ready to the 4.0 technological challenge. Dimac constantly looks forward to the tech developments and trends that lie ahead”.
An example of that is Dimac Acty, the new augmented reality application dedicated to the servicing, that, using the smart phone or special viewers, gives more suppleness and efficiency to the services offered to Dimac customers.
Or SPC-ROBOT, a revolutionary equipment, one of a kind, using the collaborative robotics to allow the automatic control, SPC data collection and measurement directly from the production floor.
Dimac will be at Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019 – Stand 1818, Hall 3 – to exhibit their very last technology. 


Date : 31.01.2019