EcoTri ONE: ONE Passivate for Zinc and Zinc Nickel

EcoTri® ONE shows an outstanding corrosion protection of up to 168 h against white corrosion on zinc and up to 300 h on zinc nickel. With a lifetime of more than 36 m2/l without new make-up, the innovative passivate helps to reduce both internal costs and external environmental impact. The new high performance passivate provides customers with a wide range of color options, combining protection with an attractive appearance – from iridescent to bluish. Adjusting production parameter accordingly, a stainless steel look is achieved without applying a sealer or top coat. Very good color stability is maintained even after hydrogen de-embrittlement baking. 
EcoTri® ONE contains less Cr(III) compared to conventional high performance thick film passivates available, making waste water treatment simpler and economical. And like all members of the EcoTri® family, EcoTri® ONE is also suitable for Atotech’s regeneration system Tricotect®. Tricotect® allows for the continuous and selective removal of iron and zinc build-ups from passivate solutions, ensuring constant high plating quality and preventing hazing and discoloration of passivate films.

Date : 17.05.2018