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Brazilian Fastener News

Jomarca: 50 years

The Brazilian company is one of the largest fastener manufacturer in Southern Hemisphere

At 1969, the same year that American astronaut Neil Amstrong walked on the moon at the first time, a young fastener sales agent began your career as industrial businessman. So, João Marques Castelhano, a Portuguese immigrant, founded the Jomarca Industrial de Parafusos, in those time just a modest company to produce some few kinds of fasteners. Since then, Jomarca has expanding, having currently more than 700 employees, capable to produce more than 3.1 thousand tons per month, and created subsidiaries, consolidating it as Jomarca Group. 

The Jomarca President - João, as everybody ever call him - is a person attentive all company activities, whether it is of an administrative, commercial or on factory floor, your passion. In additional, currently, the Vice-President, Ricardo Marques Castelhano, the João son, has leading the company for a new era. Under Ricardo administration has been implanted modern concepts and great expansion in market.   

Located in São Paulo state, Guarulhos City, distance less 5 km of largest South America airport, the Jomarca industrial plant and headquarter, is the central of produce and main warehouse of wide line with bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins, rivets, threaded bars and other fasteners, items present in the industrial sectors of furniture, electrical and electronic materials, auto parts, shoes, toys, civil construction and others. In addition, the company has a unit produce hinges, as well as the Jomarca kits, Group subsidiaries engaged in the supply of kits for furniture industry, extensive activity to various segments such as kits for TV stand installations and many others from the north to the south of the whole of Brazil and in Mercosur.


 Brazilian GDP fell in Q1, but the automotive

sector keep grow up

The auto domestic production rose 5.3% in compare the same period in 2018

Vale S.A. is the second-largest mining company in the world and leader in iron ore production, with operations in over 30 countries. Some analytic economic attribute the disaster involving that Company in last November as the main cause of fell 0.2% in GDP - Gross Domestic Product, in Brazil, on compare with Q4, 2018. However, on compare with the Q1 2018, the result is positive, 0,5%, also occurred with the last 12 months, 0,9%.

However, scenario still show sectors in better situation, such as the automotive industry that produced more than 1,241 million units between January and May 2019, against the 1,178 million from same period in 2018, increase 5.3%.

From that total above, in the first five months were produced around 45,5 thousand trucks (10.9%) against 41,0 thousand in 2018. However, the agricultural and road machinery fell, producing just 20,7 thousand (-4.2%) against 21,6 thousand in 2018.

About “two wheels”, between January and April (we still haven´t data about May) the motorcycle production accumulated 368.055 units (5.76%), against the 348.009 during the same period in last year.

By another side, the cement sales, one of the main inputs of construction market, have grown again in Brazil. According to the National Union of the Cement Industry (SNIC), only in last April 4.4 million tons of the product were sold in the country, an increase of 0.2% in relation to the same month of 2018.


Peugeot face a recall due inadequate torque

At the end May 2019, the unit of Peugeot in Brazil began a recall involving 1,078 units of the Expert versions, produced between 2017 and 2018 due to inadequate torque application in the fixing of the front triangle patella. Poorly fastened, there may be detachment of the kneecap and / or displacement of the wheels, causing risk of loss of control of the vehicle.

The maintenance involves inspection and reinforcement or replacement of the assembly, which process can last for 1 hour.


Recall: Porsche has problems with rivets

According to the site, the models Porsche 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman and 911 were called maintenance involving rivets used in the trunk. There is a defect in the connection between the longitudinal part and the crossbar of the luggage compartment, which in the event of a frontal collision, failure can compromise the fuel system, cause leaks and lead to serious accidents. The recall involves the models from 2012-2019 , manufactured between February 23, 2016 and February 14, 2019. The repair consists of installing blind rivets, a service that takes about 15 minutes.


 by Sergio Milatias 

 Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos