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Record growth, record participation

The greatest industrial muster of the region grew with the same degree as the performance of the Hungarian industry over the last five years. This year, four pavilions hosted 562 exhibitors from 20 countries at the MACH TECH – Industry Days 2019 collection of international industrial trade exhibitions at Hungexpo from 14-17 May. Over 18 thousand visitors attended the event.

In comparison to the Visegrád Countries and Romania, Hungary produced the most rapid growth of 30 percent in industrial performance since 2014, said the Ministry for Innovation and Technology’ s (ITM) Minister of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation László György at the exhibition’s opening ceremony. According to the Minister of State, the Hungarian economy is more stable and resistant than in 2010, yet the most important factor of growth is Hungarian creativity and diligence. The well-functioning investment-incentivizing system of the country played a key role in the spread of industry, along with the fact that Hungary has a developed infrastructure compared to the regional average. In order to maintain the industry growth rate, the government and particularly, the ITM, has defined seven strategic trajectories which include the support of Hungarian micro, small and mid-size enterprises, vocational training and infrastructural development. Additionally, they are set to establish a university-level incubator ecosystem, providing opportunities for Hungarian SMEs to establish ties with corporations and international markets. Vocational training and adult learning will be shaped in a way that the training systems will respond to the challenges of the 21st century labour market, said the Minister of State.

At the opening event, CEO of Hungexpo Zrt. Gábor Ganczer said that the 32% increase in exhibitor numbers (compared to the event in 2017) – this year, 562 exhibitors from 20 countries attended the event in Budapest – is the joint success of the organizers and the industrial performance. For years, both concerning its number of exhibitors and visitors, the MACH TECH – Industry Days co-exhibitions has been the biggest industrial event and the most significant industrial business event of Hungary, featuring all the sectors involved in industrial digitalization and the spread of INDUSTRY 4.0: from designers of control system to robot manufacturers as well as electronics and logistics firms. The solutions offered by INDUSTRY 4.0 presented by the exhibitors again received exceptional attention, particularly the developmental trends of automation and industrial electronics, intelligent machines communicating with one another (M2M), self-adjusting manufacturing processes and highly effective mass production methods. The breakdown of exhibitors changes year after year, yet there’s a clear trend: there is a sharp increase in the share of companies presenting robot technologies and exhibitors presenting machine control, corporate governance and logistics software.

This year, 562 exhibitors displayed 1,100 tons of machines in the four Hungexpo exhibition halls.

Professional Events

The exhibition organizers again placed a great deal of emphasis on professional events. From the range of these attractions, the Ministry for Innovation and Technology’s Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform Conference, focusing on the subject of artificial intelligence, received particular attention. The presenters included such prestigious experts as Professor John Montgomery of the Indiana University (USA) and Fazel Ansari, the Deputy Head of the Research Group of Smart and Knowledge-Based Maintenance, who talked about the “self-healing” processes of artificial intelligence-based machines. There was a great deal of interest in the other conferences and round table discussions related to the exhibition, featuring themes such as 3D printing, workplace security, pressure equipment, the railway vehicle industry and anti-pollution solutions. Two international delegations visited the collection of exhibitions, as organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba and the Czech-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.