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Holding All The Aces for the Future of Fastener Inspection & Sorting

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Bayside D-E. Dimac and Angor-Intools will co-exhibit, turning the spotlight on the inspection of tomorrow.

The International Fastener Expo is a “must attend” event: all in one place and within 3 days, attendees will be invited to discover the latest Fastener World Novelty.
Moreover, international representations, pavilions and specialist components manufacturers will be participating from afield, so this is a truly global supplier-sourcing opportunity in one compact location.

Dimac – as always partnering up Angor-Intools – will be there to display their very latest technologies plus their experts will be on hand to discuss how they can participate in cost reduction within supply chains and how they can offer new, alternative, cost-effective solutions.

We talk about it with Mr. Andrew Dreger and Mr. Massimo Agrati.

Question (Q)    “Mr. Dreger, both companies are dedicated to develop alternative solutions, with a vocation to promote innovation in the fasteners industry. What are your forecast for the Show?”

Answer (A)    “Vegas always offers the chance to build business with the key international players of Fasteners Industry supply chain. We aim to repeat and exceed the success of the past editions in terms of audience and new opportunities”.

Quality: Four of A Kind

Q    “Mr. Agrati, what can visitors expect to find at the booth?”

A    “As always to come together in a convivial and human-sized place, experiencing the inspection & sorting state-of-the-art. It will be a meeting point, with special videos showing our latest 2019 upgraded series, such as SPC-LAB and SPC-ROBOT”.

Q    “Could you spend some words to synthetize their strengths?”

A    “Well, SPC-LAB is based on a unique technology optimizing the measurements and controls directly on the shop floor, beside the production machinery. There is no part fixing required as the parts are positioned on a V track support and it takes less than a second to perform up to 100 complex dimensional measurements. With a click..
Whilst SPC-ROBOT is its robotized version, a non-contact, human error‑free unit with cobot which enables the automatic control and execution of complex measurements, SPC data calculation and collection”.

Q    “Mr. Dreger, do you think that the success your companies obtained during the past editions mirrors a more global attention to the 100% quality research in US?

A    “Yes, the industrial fastener market in the States is driven by a rapidly increasing demand from end-use industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction. That means a growing requirement for enhanced effectiveness and accuracy from machines.
Furthermore, with the increased zero-defect output demand comes greater opportunities and greater competition for consolidation of business, and one of our targets is to embrace data-driven manufacturing technologies that allow their participation within the supply chain digital thread”.

Q    “Mr. Agrati, on this point Dimac has been one of the very first 100 % quality control specialist integrating inspection & sorting devices with the New Technologies, isn’t it?”.

A    “We are simply committed to helping companies prepare themselves for the new challenges presented as the fastener segment transitions into Industry 4.0 so they can take initial and key steps forward”.

Q    “The re-styled releases of Dimac MCV1 and MCV5 models are significant on this topic…They are even more performing than the original series”.

A    “That’s right. MCV1 inspects now a wide spectrum of cold forged and turned parts by high resolution optics and advanced NDT equipment, guaranteeing to obtain all the indicators to approach 100% OK parts. This machine marked a turning point on Quality Control scenario around 20 years ago, bringing Dimac to be distinguished for efficiency and high technology.

The MCV5 glass rotary table model is following the same footsteps, great performances and the ultimate high-speed Eddy Current Heat Treatment detection station plays a key role in the model success.
MCV5 is equipped with high-resolution digital cameras to perform the analysis accuracy and Dimac MCVx Vision software is improved by dedicated tools, such as the Circle/Polygon contour, capable to check the 100% conformity of circular, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal contours and the special Dynamic Scanning, which detects the exact thickness of selected areas”.

Making a Sure Bet on Fastener Packing…

Q    “Mr. Dreger, concerning material handling equipment, belt conveyors and automatic packing solutions, Angor Intools developed a special machine in cooperation with Dimac. Can you tell us a little more about it?”

A    “It is the AVBC-BOX, a next-generation automatic boxing machine. In common with Dimac models, it is a smart and practical device. The setup is rapid and easy”.

Q    “Can you condense it in few points?”

A    “AVBC-BOX is connected to a Dimac 100% Inspection & Sorting machine. The operator adjusts the conveyor belt and place the boxes or the bags containers ready to be fed under the parts loading chute.

Gravity will roll down boxes/bags filled up with parts to the downloading position. The operator puts the key selector on the automatic position and the packing machine runs the cycle mode under the control of the master Dimac sorting machine.

Sensors prevent any collision and – in case of problems with the conveyor belt or the boxes positioning – alarms will indicate where the anomaly comes from making the troubleshoot very simple.
AVBC-BOX can be customized upon customer demand to pack high volumes of fasteners in boxes or bags, speeding up the factory automation and logistic”.
… and Picking a Winner for IoT

In addition to developing versatile systems optimizing the productive processes and the predictive management of the series production, Dimac owns a high know-how in side-extents too. Among Dimac releases that will be exhibited at Las Vegas:

Dimac Integrated Eco-System, cloud-based, off-site, mobile solution helping Fasteners OEMs to improve productivity, identify new opportunities, enhance end-users experience, decrease costs and streamline operational processes.

Augmented-Reality Apps opening new frontiers of servicing, such as DRA – standing for Dimac Remote Assistance – with the revolutionary application for smartphones and tablets to video-chat live with the Dimac Service getting immediate, smart support.

Upgraded Software suites:

    Volume Plus to pre-control the forming process of special, complex shape fasteners and consequently making the manufacturing costs predictable
    MCV Plant to monitor several inspection machines over the network
    MCVx Remote to edit the inspection process remotely via mobile device, anytime and everywhere
    MCV_ERP to collect and retrieve the sorting cycles statistical data real-time, available to the customers’ Information Systems

Make a date with Dimac and Angor-Intools, from Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th September 2019 in the very heart of Las Vegas, for 3 days of business, innovation and networking.