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Mitsutoyo accelerating automation and labor saving

Mold manufacturer Mitsutoyo-Kiko.Co.,Ltd. (Aichi) is accelerating the expansion of the Kagoshima Plant (Kagoshima) aimed at automation and labor saving. It is a large-scale factory that produces molds that are not mass-produced. The factory incorporates how to make use of people and machines that are different from the mass-production factory.

At the Kagoshima Factory, the production base, the 10th building, J, has been in operation since 2017, and a total of 500 machines produce 25,000 molds per month.

Unlike mass-produced products, molds vary depending on the user. The processing time is long and the lead time greatly depends on how the process management is performed by each processing machine. Die makers are making active investment in EDMs and machining centers, which are the main processing machines. However, automation and Labor saving is an issue.

Mitsutoyo has one of the few large-scale mold production plants in the industry, and the company, which uses 10% of its annual sales for capital investment, has been promoting labor-saving and automation to take advantage of advanced equipment.

The G building has a total of 8 machining centers. Two of them are equipped with AWC  for automation. Following the existing model YMC430 (manufactured by YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K.), YMC650 (same as above) was introduced in March this year. It is used from electrode processing to direct carving of carbide and high-speed steel.

At the same time, two new sculpture electric discharge machines AG60L (manufactured by Sodick) and an automatic work tool changer (“Transformers” manufactured by GF Machining Solutions) were automatically introduced into B building. “Transformer” automatically transports workpieces and electrodes loaded on the pallet to two EDM machines. In addition to handling interrupted work such as limited express goods by scheduler management, it is possible to set up the next work during machining, and it is also possible to handle unmanned machining of small quantities and many varieties.

The company says that it can achieve efficient production that makes better use of the characteristics of each other's systems by using the ATC-equipped EDM machine and the newly installed transformer-equipped machine. The transformer program is unique. For electric discharge machining, which is the most time-consuming process in mold production, they will continue to expand these systems.

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief