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Celebrating its 43rd Year. Çetin Cıvata Exports to 45 Countries

With its 4 different manufacturing plant in different locations and  two different trading/marketing companies, ÇETİN Civata which is among  the pioneer company of the Europe as well as one of the biggest one in the fasteners field in Turkey continues to grow with new investments in Europe.

Total area of 140.000 sqm, more than 1.000 employees

Çetin Civata has been rising for over 43 years with the goals set by Mr. Mustafa Necati TECDELİOĞLU, Chairman of the Group,. The company is able to take action and give flexible and quick response to the clients thanks to its integrated manufacturing plants. 
“We make difference in the fastener sector with our young, dynamic and experienced team members who have team-work principles,” says Mr.Tecdelioğlu.
Beside the fasteners field, nowadays, within Tecde Group there are 15 other companies of computer, electronics, energy and construction sectors that are active in domestic and international market employing more than 1.000 people with a total turn over of 170 million USD in 2018.

Four different manufacturing facilities and two trading companies

The company has 4 manufacturing facilities, 3 of which located in İstanbul, and 1 in Malatya.  Of its 2 separate marketing companies,  1 is operating in Turkey, and the other in Germany. With all these companies, Çetin Civata is holding the leading position in its field. Companies in the group are as follows;

Manufacturing Companies

Çetin Cıvata San Tic AŞ,  Tekno Bağlantı Elemanları Paz Tic Ltd Sti ,  Mertsom Somun San AŞ,  Tekno Metal Kaplama San Tic AŞ


Sales and Logistic Companies

Çetin Cıvata Pazarlama AŞ , Çetin Schrauben Und Verbindungselemente Gmbh .

Çetin Cıvata Sanayi Tic AŞ

Çetin Cıvata San Tic Aş, the oldest company withing the group with roots extending to 1915, which is recently being managed by 3th and 4th generations operating together in the Tecde group is also one of the leading companies of the fastener sector in Turkey with its increased product range, as well as improved product quality over the years in which first started its story with manufacturing in the 1976.

Çetin Cıvata San. Aş. has a production range between M3 and M27 standard bolts and screw formed by cold forging processes and also has a capability and capacity for various type of special parts according to customer requirements.
Çetin Cıvata San Tic Aş has sufficient basic facilities for the production of various  sectorial fasteners such as automotive, white goods, pvc, furniture, energy, contruction, machines    and also holds the certifications of IATF 16949 , ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 , OHSAS 18001, CE 14399-1:2005 ve EN 15045-1:2005.
ÇETIN that exports 50% of its products is also  a supplier for OEM’s like Fiat, Mercedes Benz Türk , Isuzu , Hyundai , Bsh , Vestel , Man, Magna etc

Çetin Cıvata Pazarlama Aş

With 20 Sales representatives and 180 employees Çetin Pazarlama Aş is active in 45 cities of the domestic market and also one of the leading companies in the import and domestic market.
Çetin Cıvata Pazarlama AS. was founded  by our Chairman of the Board of Directors  Mr.Mustafa Necati TECDELİOĞLU in 1985 in İstanbul. 
It has  a total of 20.000 m2 area and 14.000 tons per 25.000 pallet capacity. First of all, it provides and operates marketing process for all kind of fasteners such as bolts, nuts, srews with drilling point, chipboard screws, gijons, flat and spring washers, dowels, rivets, stainless screws and bolts which are produced by it’s own group’s factories .    

In addition, it has two marketing stores located in Bayramapasa and Karaköy of İstanbul. It responds promptly and quickly to the customer’s requests with the marketing representatives  and local marketing staffs who are generally  located in Turkey. The company putting it’s signature under very-firsts achieved in the sector, has been able to provide fast and accurate answers to the demands of its customers for both in special and standard products through sustainable active marketing with the investments that required by changing conditions. 

Tekno Metal Kaplama San. Tic. Aş

Established in 2004, Tekno Metal Kaplama San.Tic. Aş. Stands out by it’s steps taken in it’s own field. It started by first putting place of the Electrolytic Zinc Coating line in the sector in 2004. Nowadays it’s quality has been brought to EU standards.
With investement for Zinc Flake Coating line in 2017 and putting in place the full automatic Zinc Alkaline and Zinc Nickel Coating Line in 2018, it has been meeting all requirements and demands.
Tekno Metal Kaplama San. Tic. Aş with a closed area of 3000 m2 in Hadimköy, İstanbul performs coating initially for the automotive sector and respectively for house hold appliances,constructions, machinery,furniture and various sectors which are used for fasteners field. It  also stands out in it’s sector with obtained IATF 16949 Quality Certificate.

Mertsom Somun Sanayi AS. 

Mertsom Somun Sanayi AŞ, founded in 1983 and acquired by Tecde Group in 2013, currently continues to its production in Hadimkoy, Istanbul. Mertsom’s been developing value-added products and particularly cold-formed die design process 100% by itself.
It’s been implementing the production of M3-M16 made-to-measure parts and delivering to automotive, white goods and other industrial sectors’ companies on-time with zero-defect. It also realize the export business 40% of its production.

Tekno Bağlantı Elemanları Paz Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Tekno Bağlantı Elemanları Paz Tic Ltd Şti which was founded by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Mustafa Necati TECDELİOĞLU in 1998 has been serving to the fastener field in Malatya town with its 200 employees.. 
The most remarkable point of it is that it’s the biggest full-integrated manufacturer company in the fastener sector in Anatolia region. In the meanwhile, the company is the first manufacturer of drilling-screw with the ownership of ÇETIN KRAFT brand name by itself.

Exporting 40% of its production and selling 60% in the domestic market  Tekno Fasteners, directly exports to the Turcic Republics, Balkans, and the Middle East countries with "Innovation of the Neighboring Countries". While increasing the production capacity day by day Tekno Fasteners continues to serve throughout Turkey with its marketing departments, 300 distributors and nearly 1,000 sub-dealers.

Export to more than 40 countries

ÇETİN Cıvata exports to more than 40 countries and rising up the rank of brand of “Made in Turkey” and Çetin in the location of the international markets and contributes to our country’s economy.    
In the frame of globalization, Çetin Gmbh company was founded in Germany in 2017.
In last decade, Çetin has been nominated for the award of “the stars of export” over and over.

ÇETİN Cıvata is a company that has been serving for 43 years contributing and adding value to Turkey with over 1.000 employees, valuing the work done, expanding its human resources and sensitive on the enviromental issues.