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State-of-the-art solutions simplifying any complex sorting

DIMAC stands out for innovation, performances and product reliability, among the entrepreneurial realities that have been able to take up the 4th industrial revolution challenges.

Driving along unconventional routes, the Italian brand rides with his customers, supporting them on the complex process of the Total Quality Management with solutions for 100% control perfectly integrable to their productive processes.

As the new Eddy Current DIMAC HT Control station, designed to meet the manifold demands of the market concerning the heat treatment detection.

Leveraging his network’s wide expertise spectrum and partnering with the most important NDT devices manufacturers, DIMAC has developed a new modular, high-performing station, suitable for the whole rotary table-based series i.e. MCV1, MCV3, MCV4 and MCV5.

Multitasking and versatile, the next generation station is an automation, compact and integrated solution, enabling the shop operators to preset and manage serviceable sorting thanks to the teach-in, easy-to-use software.

Versatility is guaranteed using all the different kinds of Eddy Current probes available on the market: the adjustable cylindric probe, placed over the fastener head or the fork probe placed under the rotary table; or the traditional coil probe, shifting along the fastener shank.

NOK, hardness-class divided samples are essential for the accurate adjustment of the device, working by the signal comparing method.

Every part is scanned, using a complete range – up to 24 frequencies – to detect the lowest variation on the material structure, guaranteeing the highest accuracy and operative flexibility.

DIMAC makes innovation the key of its own success, aiming to step up a gear to all the companies committed to increase their competitivity on the market.