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Rodrigo Egêa is the new METALAC president

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


He's took over the post in last June end, focused in aerospace provide 

Originally a Brazilian company, Metalac is a fastener industry founded at 1953 in Sao Paulo City, SP, Brazil. Between 1957 - 1995 the Hungarian Julio Milko and the American Léo Braun led the company in an ambitious growth plan, in tune with high technology fasteners production. In 1970´s the company moved to Sorocaba town, distance 120 km to a new and modern factory, current address. 

Currently, Metalac is a subsidiary of Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC), Portland, OR, USA.  PCC is a worldwide manufacturer of a wide range of complex metal products for aerospace and industrial applications. It operates in three main segments: castings, forgings and structural aeronautical components, where the fasteners division is allocated.

The year 2019 has being a special moment Rodrigo Barranqueiro Egêa, Brazilian, an engineer who arrived in Metalac in 2001, with plans just to becomes a fastener specialist, aiming to be the best, but not to be the president. BTW: In the PCC Group this post is called as “plant manager”. Still at 2011 occurred the transfer from him to PCC to work in USA in development and implantation several projects, with the return to Brazil recently.

Egêa already arrived working ahead of an ambitious and innovation process on Metalac operations, including diversification and, specially, on implantation of an aerospace fasteners line production, something unheard in Brazil, until then on bolts, screw, nuts and similar segments. Since 2018 the company was certified AS9100, that permit to produce items for aerospace sector.  That division has a specific logo.

Metalac is one most important fastener company not just in Brazil, but in South America, with heavy presence in automotive sector providing critical items. However, it´s not enough for Egêa, that believe the potential of the Brazilian PCC unit is just on beginning.