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Japanese fasteners exports to China and US

by Shun Otsuki
Editor in Chief of Kinsan Fastener News


Japanese fasteners exports to China are decreasing

Fasteners exports from Japan to China are decreasing. Exports of steel bolts from January to July 2019 to China amounted to 17.2 billion yen, down 13% from the previous year. It was 24,900tons, a 19% decrease in weight. It seems that the slump in the Chinese economy has affected Japan's fasteners exports as the US-China trade friction has become more serious.

China, along with the United States, is the top country where Japan exports fasteners. Steel bolts (HS code: 731815190), steel nuts (HS code: 731816900), and screws (HS code: 731815900), which occupy the top ranks in the export of fasteners, have been almost negative year-on-year through 2019.

Steel bolts have moved from 2 billion yen to 3 billion yen last month, but recorded 1,793 million yen (down 25% from the previous year) in January this year. Since then, there has been no single month below the 2 billion yen level, but it has been negative on a year-on-year basis (excluding the amount in February).

The total amount of steel nuts was 13,571 million yen, down 13% year on year, and 8914tons, down 13% year on year. Like the steel bolts, the decline in January was conspicuous, and the amount was 733 million yen, a 30% decrease, and 913tons, a 23% decrease in weight. In February, both the amount and quantity recovered from the previous year, but since March it has been more than 10% negative. In July, the amount of money and quantity has decreased by 7%, and the negative range has shrunk.
Screws totaled 4,386 million yen, a decrease of 14%, and the weight was 2,651tons, a decrease of 14%. All months from January to July have been negative. In particular, in May, both volume and amount fell more than 20% year-on-year.

Japanese fasteners exports to the US, same level as last year

While exports of steel bolts from Japan to China declined from January to July this year, fasteners exports to the United States have not changed significantly since last year. Although there is a risk of economic stagnation in both countries due to US-China trade friction, the US stagnation seen from fasteners exports was not seen in the first half of this year.

The United States is the top country where Japan exports fasteners alongside China. The top items in the export of fasteners are steel bolts (HS code: 731815190), steel nuts (HS code: 731816900), and screws (HS code: 731815900).
Sales of steel bolts ranged from 2 billion yen to 2.6 billion yen per month. From January to July, the amount was slightly negative, with a decrease of 0.7% from the previous year to 16,351 million yen. In terms of weight, it decreased by 3.1% to 20,947 tons. For steel bolts, the biggest decline was in February, with a 10% decrease in value, and in July, both volume and value increased 6%.

Steel nuts increased by 1.1% year-on-year to 9,886 million yen, and volume increased by 4.4% year-on-year to 12,770 tons. In a single month, it is between 1.1 billion yen and 1.6 billion yen. The biggest growth was 1,312 million yen, up 8.7% from May, and 1666 tons, up 10%. In July, it was positive at 1,524 million yen, an increase of 7%, and 2024 tons, an increase of 13%.

The amount of screws increased by 5.2% year-on-year to 3,845 million yen, and the volume decreased by 4.5% year-on-year to 3675 tons. In terms of a single month, it is between 400 million yen and less than 600 million yen. The amount increased year-on-year except in January and May. In July, it grew 623 million yen, up 23% year on year, and 593 tons, up 27% year on year.