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New Technical Experts at UPIVEB

by Marco A. Guerritore
Editor in Chief of Italian Fasteners Magazine


Succession affects nearly every job and often leaves a subtle feeling of melancholy and regret.
And so, after more than four years of successful collaboration, the engineer Sante Costa leaves his position of technical consultant at UPIVEB of his own accord.

Mr Costa’s resume is very impressive, filled with interesting assignments and fruitful experiences. After graduating in Engineering, he worked as a mechanical engineer at IVECO - Fiat Group for nine years, gaining experience in the field of production and functional testing of vehicles in the plants of Turin, Bolzano and Brescia. He was then invited to join the Fontana Group, where he worked for about twenty-seven years, dealing mainly with problems relating to quality.

His pride is the creation of the “Central Quality Coordination Department” in Fontana.
Costa’s work at UPIVEB involved providing Associates with opinions and advice on how to address and manage quality issues with regard to external processes (in general, suppliers and Customers) and internal processes (e.g. optimisation of procedures relating to the quality management system). He has represented UPIVEB as President of the Italian Standards Subcommittee and as a European technical expert, as Convenor in international ISO Working Groups and Technical Expert in all the ISO/TC2 Subcommittees.

Two experts were called to replace Mr Costa as Technical Consultant of standardisation activities at UPIVEB:

the engineer, Antonio Ripamonti, candidate President of UNI/CT031/SC04 “Fasteners” and Technical Expert in SC04 (GL04 and GL05) technical bodies and the engineer, Luca Panzeri, candidate Coordinator of UNI/CT031/SC04/GL02 (Washers and non-threaded fasteners) as well as candidate Convenor of ISO/TC2/ WG13 (Washers and non-threaded fasteners).

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, Mr Ripamonti started an stimulating experience at CNR which allowed him to deepen his knowledge of design methods through the finite element approach.
He joined the “Agrati Group” initially as Internal Equipment Manager at the Veduggio production site, before moving to the Technical Department as Research and Development Manager, where he mainly performed tasks aimed at the application of advanced numerical calculation systems (FEA) to the fasteners industry. At the same time, he also began working in the field of fastener standardisation at a national and international level, regularly attending ISO, CEN and UNI meetings.He currently works at the Agrati Tech Centre.

After graduating in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Metallurgy in 1991, Luca Panzeri joined the family company – Panzeri SpA of Bulciago, a leading manufacturer of washers – as “Quality Assurance Manager”, a position he held for the next twelve years. He became Head of the Technical Department in 2003 and “Purchasing Manager” seven years later. He has been Managing Director of Panzeri SpA since 2016. Mr Panzeri has always been very active in cooperating with National and International Standardisation Bodies with regard to Washers.

The President, Presidential Committee and members of UPIVEB extend their sincere thanks to Mr Costa for all the work he has done over the years, and also wish Mr Ripamonti and Mr Panzeri all the very best in their new positions.