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Novelties from the Brazil Fastener Market

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

Already is time to look the 40th Senafor 
The recent edition International Forging Technology Seminary was over amid plans to 40th anniversary in 2020

International seminary held in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, the Senafor covering topics on cold and hot forging involving research and development about productive process using flat and long metals. Moreover, Senafor aggregate events from other sectors, such as renewable energy. Much showed there is about development and production of fasteners, also failure solutions.

For nearly 40 years, Senafor has meeting, lectures from research by university students, teachers, masters and PhD (Dr.), as well the day-to-day professionals from industries involved in cold or hot forging processes.
As ever, under command from the Dr. Ing. Lírio Schaeffer, in his 39th edition the event had as one of highlights the lecture from Dr. Roberto Garcia, an Brazilian expert on fastener tightening systems Garcia not was to there to treat objectively about forging process, but to show the big importance on use of screw, bolts, nuts and similar, in several applied, to be it on trucks and cars or in dental fastener systems.

A member of a Brazilian Group Randon, the Suspensys is a manufacturer of suspensions and axles for industry of truck, bus, and the agricultural machines and road implement, the Suspensys attended of event with a lecture from his General Manager, Rodrigo Fantinel. Through the theme "Overcoming the Crisis during a person's capacity and appreciation" he showed examples how the company dealing to avoid fire employees during the recent recession, reorganize the production, innovation and creating new products and solution. 

Few weeks after that lecture, the President of Brazilian unity of Mercedes-Benz, Philipp Schiemer told in interview to Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, the sales of trucks and buses sector was 170,000 units in 2011, with fall to 50 thousand in 2015.
Looking the slides showed by Fantinel, we can realize how was shadowy the scenario, in which the Suspensys revenue of US$ 260 million (Ebitda), from 2011, fell to US$ 76 million in 2015. However, in 2019 he estimates to close with US$ 223 million, with predict to growth more 10% until the 2020 end.

The software FEM (Finite Element Method) has, each more, are attend in Senafor, specially because many local manufacturers still uses the try and error method. 
One of lecture about FEM was shown by engineers Gilberto Alves (Fey - Fastener Industry) and Alexsandro Moraes (AM. Metal Consulting, the Simufact sales agent), shown a successful study using simulation software to solution a problem involving a flanged-head Philips screw produced by Fey. That screw had internal longitudinal discontinuity throughout the body and premature failure of the Philips slit forming tool. As a result, the transformation sequence design has been modified based on the improvements identified using the Simufact.Forming software in the simulation, resulting in a final geometry free of internal discontinuities and an approximately 15-fold increase in tool life.

In another FEM case, as most cold forged components require heat treatment used to meet the requirements: strength and durability, a temperature distribution in the mechanical forming tools and their non-stationary development are important aspects for the application of a chosen tribe system by use. of the tools and various transformation process attempts and applied transformation tools. The study uses eesy-2-form (2D), eesy-form (3D) and eesy-QT software, lecture presented by Dr. Gerhard Arfmann (CPM GmbH), a German company developer of Finite Element Simulation (FEM) software. 

A new ABNT standard has come into force: "Bolt and Nut Mounting Tools - Manual Torque Wrenches"

Under code ABNT NBR ISO 6789-1: 2019, since October 3, 2019, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) has released the new standard, which in Part 1 describes outlines requirements and test methods for project compliance assessment and quality compliance: minimum requirements for certificates of conformity.

Assahi launches a geolocation transmitter for industrial assembly cells

A Brazilian company acting on distribution and maintenance on electrical and pneumatic machines and tools for assembly and transformation lines, the Assahi launched a statistics system that guides and controls operations in industrial assemblies.
That equipment showed. Still under try-out, was installed on AGCOPOWER, the engine assembly line in the industrial plant in Mogi das Cruzes city, SP, Brazil, belongs to AGCO, a global manufacturer of agricultural machines. 
The devices in operation there consists at two transmitters, one opening applicator and one operator in the process of assembling a motor, linked to a personal computer. Knowing that the application of fasteners in motor assemblies should follow a sequence, the available system guide and control each tightening in their respective point. If there is some order error by the operator, the operation is blocked. Also, so, all operation is recorded in the engine history.

Taitra event promotes the Taiwan Fastener Show 2020, in Brazil

Held on 10/24/19, in the São Paulo City, the local office of Taiwan Trade Center (Taitra) gathered, at a breakfast, several Brazilian businessmen in a promotional action about the next Taiwan International Fastener Show. Knowing trade fair, that event will be held in the Kaohsiung City, on southern Taiwan, scheduled for April 21-23, 2020.

The meeting opened with the speech of Taitra director Rachel Lu and the director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Chang Tsung Che.
James Liao form Taitra gave a presentation showing Taiwan's social and economic aspects, a summary of how important screws are and how much of his country's sector can offer to Brazilian entrepreneurs.
The event ended with the testimony of Sergio Milatias (Revista do Parafuso) and Roberto Farina (Inox-Par, a fastener distributor). Both spoke of their good experiences in this event and in dealing with companies and professionals they met there.