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Saima releases Assortment Box of Slim Head Screw

Saima Corporation (Kanagawa) launched a new product lineup of "Assortment Boxes", which is a super-low head fastener "Slim Head Screw" packed with convenient size.

The Slim Head Screw is a fastener with a lower head height than the conventional low head cap screw. By suppressing the height of the head, a flat design without interference can be realized. The head height of the M3 size is only 0.8 mm. In addition, aluminum is one-third lighter than iron and stainless steel, making it ideal for reducing weight. In addition to being widely used in the home appliances and robot fields, the brand is also becoming established in the small retail market of major online mail-order companies.

This time, the “Assortment Box”, which is a set of easy-to-use sizes ideal for assembly work, etc., is released. The "Slim Head Screw" has received high support from users who assemble robots and drones, and while the company sponsored robot competition events etc., various types of sets used for DIY of "Slim Head Screw" Of needs.