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Berdan Cıvata Eliminates Risk of Hydrogen Fragility with Patented Method Application

Berdan Cıvata, the producer of high-strength bolts, nuts and studs for mega projects, protects the bolts against hydrogen fragility by mechanically cleaning instead of performing conventional pre-cleaning with acid in the environmentally friendly HDG facilities they have established within the factory.

Stating that both environment and employees are protected by this method Hasan Şemsi, Berdan Cıvata Chairman explained that they eliminated the risk of hydrogen embrittlement in hot-dip galvanizing of 10.8 and 12.9 grade bolts. He also said that they obtained the patent of this process and introduced to the sector through fairs and professional publications and addedBerdan Cıvata, in addition to conventional test equipment in its  rich test laboratory is able to apply a 500 ton test press which can perform yealding test or peeling test by pressing to bolts and nuts up to100 mm diametern and also  Notch Impact Test at very low temperatures up to -150 ° C. Finally, in order to tighten the bolts correctly, the company has also added a Friction Coefficient Detection Device in the M 42 diameter bolts, thus realized another first and enriched its laboratory.

Beside the plant of electro galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing under the same roof, owning a plant of zinc lamellar coating in Turkey, Berdan Cıvata eliminates the risk of hydrogen embrittlement which is the nightmare of the steel structure manufacturers. In the pre-cleaning process of bolts and nuts in the Environment-Friendly Dipping Galvanizing Facility, by not using harmful chemicals such as acid, which cause harm to the environment and employees, and create a risk of fragility in the bolts, company prevents the danger of fragility and obtained its patent from TPE. ”