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10th edition of International Spring Industry Convention organized by the German Spring Association (VDFI) and the European Spring Federation (ESF) was held

In the convention held in Hamburg, 150 people participated representing spring associations and unions of the world.

Speakers and representatives attended the convention were from following countries: China, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Scandinavia consisting of Denmark - Finland - Sweden, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States .

In their presentations, the speakers gave detailed information about the current condition of spring business in their countries, their future expectations and problems.

The convention began with the welcome speech by ESF President Tomi PARMASUO.

Representing Turkey Mr. Tamer Kunlar, general manager of Telsama, gave information about "Spring Sector in Turkey". Mr. Tamer Kunlar said the following about the congress:  “The production shrinkage of 15% to 20% in the automotive sector in Europe has put the spring business in serious trouble. It is said that there will be a serious tendency to move away from spring production from round material to spring production from sheet material. Staff shortage is exorbitant, staff transfers are unsettling. One of the most important challenges is the cost of electricity and the fact that it is constantly increasing. Taxes are breaking manufacturers back in the world as well as in Turkey. Investments outside their own countries do not seem to have worked well, they can only ensure the continuation of their operations. Participants showed close interest to Turkey's market and many participants said they want to do business with Turkey's market. I was invited as a speaker to the next convention by the participants who showed great interest in my speech.” 

Orgalime President Tomas HEDENBORG made a presentation on “EU Industrial Vision 2030.”At his presentation, Mr. Shigeo Aiba of Japanese Spring Manufacturers Association gave detailed information about the norm ISO / TS 227 which is very important for spring business.

Different speakers from around the world expressed their views on  "Economic Conditions and Different Parts in the Spring Sector.”Prof. Dr. Ulf Kletzin of Ilmenau Technical University made a presentation on "The Relaxation Behavior of Spring Steel in Springs." Dr. Uwe-Peter Weigmann of the company Wafios gave information on "Wire and Springs Applications of Industry 4.0." Alexander Busse of company FKA made presentation about "Perspectives of the Future Powertrain Systems ”. 

The next meeting will be held in Wire 2020, and the congress will be held in Barcelona in 2021.