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Dimac Servicing 4.0: Transforming the customer Interactions with 100% Inspection & sorting machines

Customers increasingly expect their service interactions to be simple, intuitive and highly personalized. They also want real-time access to services and seamless interactions across multiple channels.

Dimac Servicing 4.0 is a new approach aiming to interact with Fasteners OEMs in ways that wholly satisfy these higher expectations.

Dimac CEO Massimo Agrati explains: “This is a fundamental transformation that can help us to meet customers’ increased demands by evolving the way our services are offered and delivered”.

The 4.0 changing technologies enable the servicing transformation and promote greater efficiency throughout the Fasteners Manufacturers’ value chain.

Mr. Simone Silvestri (customer success executive) continues: “Our engineers have developed a cloud computing data and analytics system to manage large data volumes in open systems and provide services on demand”.

The target is to offer a reactive, proactive and possibly predictive servicing, getting a deeper insight into customers’ demands, preferences and pathways.

“it is opening a very suggestive scenario for Dimac,” Mr. Silvestri continues “cognitive computing for an intelligent virtual assistance or robotic automation, replacing humans in work processes that are entirely rule-based”.

Actually, Dimac is hedging more bets. Concerning connectivity and the internet of things, Italian company is creating an integrated ecosystem of apps and cloud services utilizing high-performance hardware and software, creating ongoing connection in areas such as on-the-spot services and remote monitoring.

Technical support, preventive maintenance and spare parts supplying benefit from this evolution.
Mrs. Susanna Cravero – working on Dimac Customer Care Service – comments: “The new technological developments enable us to aim at providing an excellent after sales service  as and when our customers need, processing every request for spare parts within the shortest time”.
“More than 900 pieces of equipment delivered all around the world are running,” Mrs. Cravero relates “and it is our responsibility to guarantee always a top-class servicing”.

Dimac invests in high-tech and also in talents. “There is an indissoluble bond between new technologies and young new generation,” Mr. Agrati concludes “Dimac bets on attracting and keeping excellent youths as well as on technological development”.

Just like all dynamic and wide-view entrepreneurial-based companies, Dimac is the place for new opportunities.

Dimac engagement is also intended to localize processes, maximizing the effective use of human resources by sending the right person to the right place and at the right time.

The management’s policy has been recently awarded by the successful attendances at Dimac booth in Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2019, Fasteners Fair Detroit 2019, International Fasteners Expo Las Vegas 2019.