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PPG - AllTech Engineered Finishes Boosts Taiwan Fastener Competitiveness

Greater Capacity & Technical Level

When it comes to pioneering technology in electrocoat, PPG is a leader for its one-stop, high efficiency operation in Taiwan. PPG selected Taiwan in 2006 as its first applicator base in Asia and launched AllTech Engineered Finishes in Kaohsiung, bringing electrocoating technology to Taiwan’s fastener market. AllTech is tailored to servicing the manufacturing and automotive industries in Taiwan and has become the top choice in the fastener supply chain. Soon after its 10th anniversary, AllTech announced the addition of a new production line to increase capacity.

Top 4 Features of PPG Electrocoating

Corrosion & Acid Resistance, Improved Product Life
During ASTM B117 salt spray testing, PPG Electrocoat and the EP V coating system can be processed to withstand corrosion for over 2.000 hours. Chemical resistance to things like acid rain and ACQ treated lumber are no problem for PPG Electrocoat as it will withstand Kesternich acid testing for 30 eyeles. Additionally, it has passed the tests of NORDTEST- method NT MAT 003 C4 and ASTM G85 Annex-5 500 eyeles.

Precise, No Recess Fiil, No Thread Galling
AllTech utilizes the latest generation cathodic epoxy electrocoating technology where the ecoat paint adhere to and is evenly deposit on the surface of fasteners through electrophoresis. A consistent film is formed and evenly covers the recess walls, thread crests and side of heads. No more rejects for recess fiil or hard to drive parts.

No Hydrogen Embrittlement, Meeting Specified Torque Requirement
AllTech’s ElectropolysealTM III system utilizes a zinc phosphate substrate that allows hydrogen ions- the culprit of hydrogen embrittlement - to be discharged from micro-pores in the paint surface. For hydrogen embrittlement concerns, the EP III system is the way to go. All Electropolyseal systems contain a torque modifier to ease driving concerns. Also, all systems are compliant to the torque requirements for automotive fasteners.

Chromium-free & Eco-friendly
All Electropolyseal systems are completely chromium-free and Prop 65 and RoHS- compliant. No worries for the environment using this eco-friendly coating system.

AllTech Adds New Production Line Doubling Its Capacity

AllTech has added a new second fully automated coating line doubling its monthly capacity from 1.000 to 2.000 metric tons. Combined with its smaller semi-automated line. AllTech now can produce 10 colors, meeting the customers’ needs for today's market. Its capacity increase decisions was made due to several factors. A strong, consistent demand in North America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand markets has created greatly increased purchases of Taiwanese fasteners. Also, the demand for greater performance like salt spray and adhesion have necessitated the need for more capacity. Finally, the continued move towards eco-friendly systems is being driven by customers worldwide. The addition of another production line is AllTech’s response to these demands. This new line is fully operational and is ready to service customers’ ever expanding demands.

PPG Electrocoat is already one of the favorites of fastener companies in Taiwan. With continuous technical and capacity improvements, PPG remains a market leader in fastener coatings.