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Inspecting A-286 Alloy Wire for Fasteners in High Temperature Applications

Magnetic Analysis Corporation’s high speed eddy current Rotomac® 20mm rotary provides accurate, reliable inspection for cracks that may form or enlarge after annealing stainless steel wire, such as A-286 alloy. Inspecting this type of wire, frequently used for fasteners in high temperature applications such as jet turbine aerospace engines, and turbocharged high horsepower engines in automobiles and trucks, can be a challenge.
Wire producers often have special carbide wire drawing nibs to keep the wire centered under the test probes. The 20mm Rotomac® has the ability to adapt these drawing nibs as bushings, allowing wire that is marginally straightened, but not enough to excessively cold work and change the mechanical properties, to be tested.  The Rotomac’s Distance Compensation helps compensate for lack of straightness during testing, a frequent problem, and a small bearing hub produces a much more precise rotation of the test probes as they rotate around the mechanical center, an important factor in testing diameters as small as 2mm. Poor conductivity in the A-286 alloy can make it difficult to eddy current test, however, MAC’s Z- probe produces a much better signal to noise than standard null probes. Magnetic Analysis Corp.’s MultiMac® eddy current electronics are used with the Rotomac® Rotary. Both units will be on display at MAC’s stand #6/H20 at the Tube 2020 Dusseldorf show.

Type A286 alloy is an iron-base austenitic super alloy useful for applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance up to 1300°F (704°C) and for lower stress applications at higher temperatures.