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Crates, pallets and shelf systems by BEYDEMİR

Founded in 1985 by Hüseyin BEYDEMİR as a private company, BEYDEMİR has grown slowly but surely with the founder's experience knowledge and devoted work. Beydemir, which primarily produces sandblasting machines and contract sandblasting in the sector, later focused on sheet metal cutting and bending, which was it's initial business when started in 1965.

By becoming limited liability company in 1993, Beydemir started to manufacture metal crates, pallets and shelves for all sectors, especially for the automotive industry. Thanks to its experience and superior quality, it made its first export to France shortly thereafter. Starting to send material crates to the companies that produce big automotive parts in the world has followed. 

In 1998, as the company grew to need more capacity, it moved to its new facility built on a total of 3000 m², including 1500 m² closed area in Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone.
In 2001, it accelerated its steps on the path of growth by incorporating adjacent area of 6000 m².
Raising its goals while continuing to grow by adding new firms to its export field with each passing year, company Beydemir has succeeded to become a brand in Turkey and Europe. It exports mainly to Europe as well as to the Middle East and even to the Far East.

With the second generation joining the company between 2008 and 2010, Beydemir opened its doors to mainly to technology, many innovations in production and financial fields. Now, BEYDEMİR is on the way to institutionalization.
In 2016, Beydemir, a Joint Stock Company, continues its growth with solid steps, without compromising its quality and customer satisfaction.
A new company is established in Bulgaria under the name of BEYDEMİR METALWORKS LTD. to provide better service to European customers both logisticsly and price-wise.

Beydemir believes that it is necessary to specialize in a certain main product range. There are many products it is capable of producing that are not included in the production portfolio. For this reason, it produces only factory auxiliary materials (heavy material carrying crates-pallets and heavy tonnage shelves for these materials to be stored) and other related equipment.  
The company is proud to be licensed producer of EPAL since 2004.

BEYDEMİR brand has been used in products since 2004.
In April 2005, ISO 9001/2000 certificate was obtained from TSE and now TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 version is used.

The main products: sheet metal crates, sheet pallets, rack systems and sandblasting machines.
Products collected under four main topics are mainly used in automotive, forging, casting etc. It is also used in the white goods and food industry.  

Beydemir is a company that believes that following the changes and developments in the world to benefit from it is a must. Therefore, with the launch of the second generation in 2012, it was decided to invest in technological systems that will take the company one step further. Based on this decision, the machine park expanded its equipment portfolio by adding fiber laser cutting machine, welding robot and CNC press brakes. With this development, the company took its place in the production of spare parts for the heavy vehicle manufacturing industry.

In addition to standard products, in line with the demands of the companies, products in various sizes also are manufactured. 
In standard products, bendings are made by CNC press brakes and welds by robot. All sheet metal cuts are carried out by laser cutting machine.

Maintaining leadership in the metal processing industry, responding to the needs and expectations of its customers accurately and on time, applying the quality management system and improving its effectiveness continuously without compromising on quality and reliability are Beydemir's quality policies.

Beydemir company is a family with all its staff, and its greatest wish for this family is to survive for many years maintaining its unity.