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Hardware Manufacturers and Businessmen Association (HISİAD), gathered at the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting with sector representatives and business people

8.5 Billion Dollars Export is Targeted in Hardware Industry

The Hardware Manufacturers and Businessmen Association, which aims to bring the hardware sector together under one roof, held the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting. At the meeting, it was emphasized that the sector's exports will exceed 8.5 billion dollars in 2019.

Hardware Manufacturers and Businessmen Association (HISİAD), which was established to further develop the hardware industry and find solutions to its problems, gathered at the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting with sector representatives and business people. Speaking at the General Assembly, Şekib Avdagiç, İTO Chairman  said that the hardware sector does not have a committee in any chamber other than ITO, and that the hardware sector committees should be established in other chambers, starting from the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO).

Informality in the Hardware Sector Should be Prevented

Emphasizing that the hardware sector is a very inclusive sector, Avdagiç said, “HISİAD has gathered the hardware sector under a very strong umbrella. It brought the sector together. As ITO, we value the importance of securing the sectors together. The hardware sector is one of the leading sectors where the most informal, poor quality, underground products come from. We absolutely have to reset the informal import. The most important mission of this association should be to prevent informality."

Employment for 650 Thousand People

Çetin TECDELIOGLU, HISİAD Chairman emphasizing that the association aims to voice the problems of all stakeholders in the sector and the solution proposals to bureaucracy and bring the country's exports to the highest level, said  "Turkey has 14 thousand companies in the hardware industry in general. As the sector, we employ 650 thousand people. In 2018, we realized $7.7 billion in exports. This year we will exceed $8.5 billion as a sector. We are making an extremely important contribution towards eliminating the current account deficit.”

Target in the Hardware Industry, Top 10

Stating that the hardware sector, the export unit price per kg is exactly four times the average in Turkey Tecdelioğlu said, “As an industry, our export unit price per kg is 5.37. It is 4 times bigger than Turkey's  export unit price with an average of $1.38 per kg. As the hardware sector, we export to many countries. Germany, Iraq, France, Romania, USA, UK, Israel, Netherlands, Italy and Egypt are among the top 10 countries we export. We still have a long way to go. The Turkish hardware industry ranks 23rd in the world market, our goal is to be in the top 10 in a short period of time.”