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I was born in 1962 in Malatya, Turkey. I represent the third generation of a family of bolt traders. We have been manufacturing since 1976, but our trade in the fastener sector goes back to 1915. Since I was 7-8 years old, I have spent my childhood installing nuts to the bolts. I've been in business during my school years. 

After graduating from Civil Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University in 1984, I started my business life in our family business. I took over the management of the company from my father. Since then, I have been chairing TECDE Group of Companies that includes 11 of our family-owned companies.
I have been a member of BESIAD (Association of Fastener Industrialists and Businesspeople) since 2000 and since 2006 I have been the President of BESIAD. I am also active in the Industry Chambers of Industry and NGOs. 

BESIAD was founded in 2000 by a few fastener producing companies. I'm one of its founders. It currently has 90 members. The most important characteristic of BESIAD is that only the companies producing fasteners can become members. Fastener manufacturers include wire, mold, machinery and service providers. But fastener vendors cannot become members.

It was established in order to make the fasteners sector more professional and to eliminate the elements that harm the sector, to improve the professional knowledge of industrialists and businessmen in our country in the field of fasteners, to improve Turkey's fasteners manufacturing industry and to promote internationally. About 80 percent of the fasteners produced in Turkey are carried out by the companies with BESIAD membership. 

 We do import 95 thousand tons in Turkey. We export 300 thousand tons of which 150 thousand tons as fasteners and 150 thousand tons fasteners installed on goods. Turkey's domestic market size is around 500 thousand tons. Main sectors for fasteners include automotive, white goods, furniture, and machinery. As for the foreign market, the highest sales are made to European countries. Sales to Europe cover about 60 percent of total exports. 

Turkey, in the field of fasteners, is one of Europe's largest markets and most major manufacturers. We are not foreign-dependent because we can produce our own raw materials. We are a country that produces its own mold and can make its own heat treatment, packaging and coating facilities. We are an industry that has obtained hundreds of patents related to fasteners and the majority of its companies have all quality certificates.
We export fasteners to about 160 countries all over the world. The machinery used in Turkey has the latest technology and an average of 8-10 years of age. It is capable of producing industry-specific and standard fasteners for industries including automotive, white goods, steel construction, machinery, furniture, electricity, defense.

Turkey's fasteners industry continues to grow to become more informed and stronger with the 3rd and 4th generations that are studied-abroad, bilingual, educated, aware of world markets. We are an industry that thrives on keeping Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, unmanned production with automation on the agenda. There are ambitious, brave, reliable industrialists in this country who can be motivated quickly, think fast and take charge.

Turkey's fasteners industry is in collaboration with several institutions. It cooperates with The Association of Fasteners (BESIAD). international fasteners magazines,  international fastener fairs, non-governmental organizations, exporters' unions, professional associations and chambers of industry. Established laboratories, opened vocational schools, organized purchase and sale committees are shaping the future of our sector.

“We are a country with dynamic, productive companies that do not reflect the conditions of the country to the customers in the world and are motivated to work, always think of growth and investment.”

Turkish companies have a flexible structure, are young and dynamic, have new machine technology, are fast and competitive with the use of domestic raw materials. Most importantly, it has favorable proximity to the market. With 2 hours of flight 200 points can be reached from Turkey. We are a country that logistics can be made very fast by airline, land route, railroad, and seaway. It is capable of very fast delivery.

In 2018, 90 thousand tons of fasteners were imported of which 35% were from China. Taiwan and other European countries are the other sources where imports were made from.

The most important competitiveness of Turkey in competition with China is capabilities to make custom products. There is also production speed and logistically close distance to the European market. While we can deliver goods to the farthest corner of Europe in 6 days, this period is 40 days in China. You must order at least 20 tons to China, while we can produce even smaller quantities and ship even 1 ton. Fastener manufacturers in Turkey use the state-of-art machinery, tools, and equipment which increases production speed, efficiency, and quality. In addition, 80% of our companies hold all the necessary quality standard certifications and other required documents. Quality engineering is in an advanced state.
The biggest element that increases the competitiveness of the country is the raw material production made in Turkey. Our producers use 94% domestic raw materials. Raw materials production started under our leadership as BESIAD.

The high-quality expectation of the automotive sector is one of the main distresses of the sector. The demand for zero errors is challenging for the sector. This is all the manufacturers' problem as a peril. A significant amount of investments and employment are required for error-free production, sorting and inspection of the products. In order to avoid this and large invoices, manufacturers spend considerable time and money. Large insurance premium costs are incurred in insurance against product recalls and risk.

Large global buyers compare prices between small firms and large firms. Small firms have lower costs and expenses. This comparison poses a competitive challenge for large firms that have completed their investments.
Competition with Far Eastern companies poses another challenge. In addition, non-tariff barriers imposed by countries to protect their companies make competition more difficult.

The world is globalizing. Turkey is growing 3-5% annually. In parallel, our sector is growing. In addition to the growth of the country, the fastener sector will continue to grow further with the increase of domestic raw materials, trained manpower, and technological machinery investments. Turkey, fasteners in the industry, will be one of the world's major production bases.

“As we use our resources right, we give importance to the trained workforce, we make the right investments Turkey is a very hopeful country open to the new horizons”.

I think that we will be among the top 2 major producing countries in Europe and the top 8 in the world. We expect the production figures in Turkey in the coming years will exceed 2 million tons. 

I am hopeful for the future of Turkey's fastener industry. Because Turkey is an industrial country and there are growing industries in the domestic market.