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NORMA Group to equip up to 4.5 million vehicles with transmission oil cooling lines

NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, has been awarded a large contract to provide transmission oil cooling lines. Starting in the summer of 2022, an average of more than 550,000 vehicles per year from a German car maker are to be equipped with these products. Two lines each are to be installed in up to 4.5 million vehicles by 2030. NORMA Group will supply to the customer’s plants in America, Asia and Europe.
“As a technology leader, we actively shape markets and support our customers as a development partner,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “Thanks to our international presence, we can offer our solutions and development services exactly where the demand is. Uniform quality standards and systems ensure that the customer receives the same high quality worldwide.”
The line systems transport the transmission oil from the transmission to the intercooler via a thermostat, where it is cooled. The cooled transmission oil is then transported back to the transmission via a second line. Due to the extremely narrow space around the automatic transmission, NORMA Group has optimized the thermal management piping systems to account for minimal tolerances. The company uses a particularly heat-resistant plastic for its line systems.
The lines will be manufactured at NORMA Group plants in Serbia, China and Mexico. As part of its localization strategy, NORMA Group supplies its customers locally wherever possible. Customers then benefit from globally uniform, high quality standards, short transport routes, good availability of local engineering teams and extensive testing capacities in the company’s 13 test laboratories around the world.