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The apparent consumption of fasteners in Brazil

Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

Before all, I want remembering "screw and bolt" is the same word for Brazilians, in wich we called as "parafuso". For example, when we say “Revista do Parafuso” we mean “Magazine of (about) Fastener”. Often, when we mention the word parafuso (s) we mean fastener (s), including all: screws and bolts, nuts, rivets, washers etc. In Brazil there are thousand small stores with names such as “Casa do Parafuso (Fastener Home), Central dos Parafusos (Fasteners Central)” etc, that mean the specialists stores on sales of screws, bolts, nuts, washers and similars fasteners products..

Is common many people from overseas has asking statistics about fasteners annual production or consume in Brazil, but we just inform them parciallly, as you will see next.  

Recently, we publishing a new estimate about "the apparent consumption of fasteners in Brazil", independentely the origin country these products. In which, we using as reference source the automotive production (a big fasteners consumption center) because the local steel industries and fasteners manufacturers keeps secrets about his volumes production. However, this time we are showing it with under the guidance of the team from the Brazilian Centro Tecnológico de Fixação (CTF), Sorocaba City, SP, headed by Mr. Rubens Cioto. 

The CTF team helped our estimate, for the first time in a more precise way, by quantity in quilogram per vehicle category. Of course, neither all these fasteners were not produced only in the local industry, suffice it to note that the import from January to November 2019 went from 106 thousand tons (more than US$ 550 million), and that kind of fastener import is overall, including all kind of applications so beyond the automotive.

So, as the Brazilian automotive production in 2019 achieved 4,055,720 units, according to the Anfavea and Abraciclo (the local automakers associations), including cars and motorcycles, our estimate is more than 111 thousand tons of fasteners apparent consumption, a demand just from the automakers, not considering aftermarket, for example.

However, if consider us another fasteners consumption center, such as bycicles local production, with average weight of 1 kg per/bike – including the so-called “pedivela” (crank arm), which is produced in the same "multi stage press machine", where are produced screw and bolts – we can estimate around 919 tons of fasteners, because the the national production in 2019 was 919 thousand units.

In another fasteners consumption center, the eletronics companies in Brazil sold 12,4 million of televisions, audio and video equipment. Together, on washing machines and refrigerators production achieved around 15.8 million units sold. The segment that make small appliances that include hair dryers, sandwich makers, fans, among others, produced and sold 76.6 million units, according to the Eletros (the local industrial association).

Finishing this article, we still have a lot to consider as fasteners consumption center, such as industries of furnitures, autoparts (original and non original), power generators (with more than 30 thousand produced per year), industrial machines, forklifts, agricultural/road implements machines, energy production (hidreletric, solar and wind) and his transmission and many other let us to believe that the 111 thousand tons of screw, bolts, nuts etc is a just a part in the apparent consumption of fasteners in Brazil, a country with GDP of US$ 1,89 trillion (2018), that produced in last year more than 1,299 billion barrels of oil and natural gas, being currently the 10th largest world producer.