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Böllhoff Group acquires shares in Gillis Aerospace

The Böllhoff Group has announced it has acquired shares in Gillis Aerospace, a French manufacturer of fasteners for the Gillis Aerospace to further expand its presence in the aerospace sector.

“The Böllhoff Group has for nearly 70 years supplied proven products and reliability to fulfil the demands of the aerospace industry,” said managing director, Michael Böllhoff. “This includes certifications as well as special material and surface coating know-how, along with international access to our customers. We are pleased that with Gillis Aerospace we now have an experienced and established production partner at our side, with whom we can advance our activities in the aerospace market sector. The cooperation is based on a significant participation of Böllhoff and Gillis Aerospace. A cooperation contract was signed in January 2020 and the transaction was completed in early March.

The cooperation is intended to create synergies, thus offering joint aerospace customers a wider product range and a broad service portfolio. Both companies will contribute their respective strengths to the cooperation.

“The Böllhoff Group’s global presence allows us to provide customers all over the world with our special fasteners,” stated Serge Dumas, managing director of Gillis Aerospace. “In return, we are contributing our comprehensive manufacturing know-how regarding fasteners for the aerospace sector to this cooperation. Thanks to an agile and flexible manufacturing concept, we are able to meet specific customer requirements, even in small and medium size production batches.”

Over time, the cooperation between Böllhoff and Gillis Aerospace will be continuously expanded with the joint development of products.