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NORMA Group equips irrigation system of an Australian wood plantation with COBRA clamps

NORMA Group, a global market leader in engineered joining technology, is supporting the water supply of an Australian sandalwood plantation with its COBRA clamps. Sandalwood is mainly used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Around 350,000 COBRA clamps will be used to connect the drip hoses. The system will guarantee that the trees are irrigated properly, even in a dry and arid region like Australia. 
“We are constantly expanding our range of water management solutions in order to meet the growing global demand for efficient water use,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, CEO of NORMA Group. “The COBRA clamps were originally developed for automotive applications. This order shows that our hose clamps can also be used in water management applications today and in the future.” 
NORMA Group is equipping the irrigation system of the approximately 8,500-hectare sandalwood plantation in the Northern Territory of Australia with COBRA clamps of the bandwidth C21/8 and C22/8. The clamps prevent water from escaping inadvertently at the joints. COBRA clamps are particularly strong. Their use will minimize the number of repairs. Many repairs are caused by animals such as cockatoos, wallabies and dingoes that live on the plantation and damage the drip lines while searching for water. 
The demand for COBRA clamps for irrigation systems is steadily increasing in Australia. The screwless, one-piece hose clamps can be installed very quickly and easily. Due to their small diameter, they allow for precise installation even in confined spaces.