VIPA Celebrates its 50th Anniversary
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VIPA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of its Activities

Interview with Paolo Poppi, General Manager, VIPA S.p.A.


About VIPA S.p.A
VIPA is a leading Italian company specializing in the industrial supply of fastening systems and fastening technologies since 1970. We export to more than 40 countries worldwide and VIPA is represented by its branches in Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic and China.

Thanks to the continuous investments made in the last few years, VIPA's automatic warehouse can now stock up to 120,000 pallets and work 24 hours a day. In addition, VIPA's 70,000 stock references for small and large manufacturing companies for industries such as automotive, agricultural machinery, electromechanics, home appliances, furniture, industrial machinery and systems, automation, steel construction and carpentry, shipyards, renewable energy, it is available.

In addition, based on a state-of-the-art laboratory with 11 machines and qualified personnel, a certified VIPA control system with ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation can guarantee the high standards and quality of the products.

COVID-19 Pandemic Effects
Like other companies operating in the fastener and fixing industry, VIPA has been affected by the negative consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak. The volume of the business has contracted significantly over the past 2 months, and forecasts for target market performance remain uncertain. However, we decided to continue our work to offer our products and services to companies that are still operating under serious economic and social emergencies.

With this in mind and in accordance with national regulations on COVID-19, we also decided to activate the smart work method and we can manage orders regularly.  Despite the challenges, the company believes that it is necessary to keep the supply chain of essential services active for certain and strategic industrial sectors. This is a commitment that VIPA aims to fulfill in this particular time of history.

Developments and Future Goals
This year, VIPA celebrates the 50th anniversary of its activities. This is a milestone for the company, which has proven its constant effort and commitment to provide customers with certified quality and services tailored to various needs.
2020 also means an important step towards improving our business.

Over the past few months, VIPA decided to expand its storage facilities by expanding the facilities and equipping them with the state-of-art technologies. The project will be completed soon, and once the entire system is operational, VIPA will be able to provide a more efficient service designed to meet customers' wishes and needs.

VIPA's vision has always been towards the future. Despite the current challenges, the company believes that investments have the advantage to help companies recover and capture new business opportunities. That's why VIPA looks confidently in the coming months and hopes to re-open its facilities to customers very soon.