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What’s Brewing in DIMAC for WIRE 2020

Dimac is going through phase 2 towards phase 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic with all its workers in safe and healthy conditions. All the safety prescriptions issued by the WHO and by the Italian government have been taken into account to protect the company staff and the stakeholders.

The countdown to Wire 2020 is starting again : from 7th to 11th0 December 2020, the world’s most important trade fair for the wire and cable industry takes place. And Dimac aims to be one of the top player. Committed to revolutionize the fasteners inspection technology since 1988, the family-owned company is today recognized as one of the most reliable benchmark for the fasteners manufacturers looking for 100% quality.

Dimac CEO Massimo Agrati states “We will present a number of technological highlights for this special edition of the Wire Show.

“We are proud of the route we have driven along, during these years,” Massimo comments “in a highly competitive market, that sees frequent innovations. Our in-house research and development team is constantly looking to improve our product offerings to better meet and exceed our customers' expectations”.

And Dimac always strives to offer the world's best machines for today and tomorrow's application needs. The iconic MCV rotary table-based series will be exhibited and the cherry-picking visitors’ most demanding tastes will be satisfied experiencing the latest technologies and state-of-the-art inspection and sorting machinery live in action.

The crowd will attend special workshop sessions and consult Dimac experts in the choice of suitable application solutions, discussing about the latest Industry 4.0 newness – e.g. Dimac integrated ecosystem of apps and cloud services – or the upgraded software packages – e.g. New MCVx optical system, the software suites to manage the machines on the Net MCVx Remote.

Dimac new stand will come as a surprise, re-designed so that attendees are welcomed in a friendly meeting space that stimulates a strong turnout of proposals and new projects.

WIRE 2020 will be the occasion to view some new breakthrough equipments that will be launched to the market soon, expanding Dimac product range.

SPC-EVO is a brand new patent pending semiautomatic mobile system, conceived to significantly shorten the SPC control and data collection for parts produced by fine blanking, like washers, retaining rings, spacers, shims, clips. The stamping process for that parts involves several figures/tools each cycle, tool wear must be kept under control to prevent the production of defective parts. The Dimac new mobile unit allows to control between 5 to 20 parts in a row, preloaded into a plug&play blister, for their dimensions and also for surface defects. Real time measurements and defects of aspect are registered and kept available in real time for the company ERP system.

DIMAC MCV5-PLUS - This is the first model of a new generation of 100% inspection & sorting from Dimac, based on glass rotary table. The successful experience with the best seller MCV5, still in production and the important feedback coming from the Dimac customer’s experiences lead to the development of a brand new machine generation with several Plus.

Starting from a brand new high-speed feeding equipment based on a special bowl feeder combined with a conveyor belt, the glass rotary table has enhanced dimensions and a new servo-driven system which allows a perfect positioning of the pieces under the control stations. The new layout offers more room for additional control stations, up to 10 HR optical stations and high speed eddycurrent station for heat treatment inspection, an additional conveyor belt has been added to recycle the uncontrolled parts.

The new MCVx digital software for optical inspection is now featuring new tools for surface inspection analysis and algorithms for artificial intelligence to improve the detection of surface aspect defects. The database approach has been integrated to exchange data and statistics with the company ERP systems creating interfaces which are fully industry 4.0 compatible.

DIMAC MCV3 - Plus the latest release MCV3 is very flexible and modular, it offers up to 6 different inspection stations like an Eddycurrent for crack detection, an Eddycurrent for hardness testing with a fork coil probe, one vertical and three side digital cameras with 360° part rotation for checking the bending of the parts the overall dimensions and the thread nicks and dents, a dedicated digital camera for 12 points heads and hex-heads across corners measurement and a mechanical recess inspection for Torx recesses with interchangeable bit drivers up to T100 are completing this configuration.
This rotary table inspection machine represents a must to have when anchor bolts or heavy bolts and flanged double ended studs have to be inspected in the range M6 to M20 up to 350mm long.

Italian Style design – A touch of Italian style is mixed with high precision mechanics: grinded plate, special brackets to collimate the telecentric lenses and illuminators, auto-calibration optical pattern to improve accuracy with nearly zero distortion; special tempered glasses anti-scratch to support the parts while measured, micrometric adjustments for the eddycurrent stations. All of these qualities are making the Italian company reputation grow along the years all over the world.

Freshness and variety are important ingredients spicing Dimac creative engineering approach. The consistent commitment for high-end, Best-in-the-Business and smart solutions is mixed up with an openness attitude allowing to establish trustworthy and loyalty partnerships with the customers.

Actually, this cookery keeps Italian companies in a very good shape: improving its facilities, investing for further growth also with important infrastructure projects, e.g. the construction of the new headquarter.

Massimo concludes: “We expect to confirm the success of the previous editions, exchanging expertise and building new business partnerships”.

Don’t miss this heavily attended event!