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What can we learn from the Covid-19 effects?

By Eduardo Lopes 
Inox-Par Parafusos Co-founder

That great learnings emerges from difficulties moments, scarcity and unexpected troubles, we all know. It is not a matter of opportunism to address this issue now and in a technical publication, but it is reasonable to note that we are in the midst of the dilemma of maintaining the routines of the business environment and maintaining the safety of people. However, one depends on the other, and stopping everything, as some countries have already done, can be the source of even greater collapses.

The manufacture and supply chains and their target markets have branched out a lot around the world, so intensely that is time to ask we if this structure should not be redrawn about. We deal with productive sites installed in any part of the planet because we seek good deals, as simple as that. But what if these chains suffer a breakdown, like the one we are living? What to do? Is not possible, suddenly, develop new domestic suppliers in short periods of time.

Have also a domestic production is important, and it is not a question of closing trade borders, an act that is as possible as it is disastrous. But to review from now on how to have a more balanced environment to produce in Brazil too, reducing the bureaucracy and increase the efficiency, easing the activities to the local fastener manufacturers to get better conditions to produce and sales more at least in domestic market or, hopefully, to exportation. After all, when an automatic forming machinery are working, it does not know if it has working inside Brazil, Russia, India, China... It will be working at the same speed and precision wherever it is.


Provided by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos