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Mishima succeeds in twill knurling by step of hollow materials with a Regg 3 die rolling machine

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS

MISHIMA Corporation (Aich) is working on value creation through research and development using the Italian Regg rolling machine. Meanwhile, this time, the company succeeded in "rolling the twill knurling into a hollow material." In knurling, where cutting and processing with a 2-die rolling machine are the mainstream, step rolling with a 3-die rolling machine has become possible. 

They have succeeded in continuously attaching twill knurls to the brass pipe material without crushing. we can watch the video that shows the processing from the QR code.

High precision control is required for knurling in 3-die rolling. The aircraft used for this research is a Regg-made "3R40-HD". It is a highly rigid body with no distortion or escape and extremely high repeatability.

The company has a sales agency contract and maintenance contract in Japan with Regrowling, the rolling machine division of Regg Inspection in Italy. Processing contract work has also started recently.