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NIKKOSEIRA introduces automatic packing machine and power assist suit

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


NIKKOSEIRA has introduced an automatic packing machine and a power assist suit. Two automatic packing machines were introduced between December last year and March this year. Improve the efficiency of manual packaging work. The machine is synchronized with the image sorter to realize quantitative box packing. It enables a smooth flow without manual measurement.

Previously, they used to work with three people per line, but with the introduction, one operator can handle it. Currently, not all lines are automatically replaced, but future introduction will be considered depending on the results. Workers at the site said, "The introduction has significantly improved the work time."

The power assist suit was introduced by raising and lowering the luggage and taking into consideration the strain on the waist of employees who often work in the middle waist and experienced workers.

The sensor catches the movement of the lower back, and the load on the lower back when a heavy object is held is reduced by the power of the motor. Carry a machine made of carbon like a backpack, and start by stopping both thighs with a belt. A quick start is convenient because it does not require any preparation such as sensor installation.

When the reporters also experienced it, the first impression was that it was comfortable to wear. It was designed so that there would be no stress even when moving, and there was a feeling that he was assisted, especially when performing bending and stretching exercises.