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Presentation of a study and realization of a special machine

by Jean-Marc Baudrand


Baudrand New Tech presents its ability to develop special equipment to meet specific needs, an area that many machine manufacturers are neglecting. 

The French company is currently witnessing a renewed interest in process integration. As its managing director says: "It seems to us that European wire forming companies, in general, and French in particular, are increasingly turning away from subcontracting. Apparently their suppliers' margins of manoeuvre are at their minimum; they cannot go any lower. The only solution to reduce costs is now to integrate added value, therefore to manufacture in-house when volumes justify it. And volumes justify an investment more quickly than one might think: a production machine is often paid for in 2-3 years maximum, if not within a year'.

A professional in wire forming and spring coiling since 1992, Mr. Jean-Marc Baudrand, the founder and owner, explains that the French company was approached a year ago by a producer of special technical staples used in the conveyor belt industry.

The aim was to replace the existing old wire bending machines. The use of obsolete technology imposed high maintenance costs and long downtimes; production was slow, changeover times were long, required highly qualified personnel and, moreover, the dimensional quality of the products was not stable. 

This is a textbook case; the disadvantages cited are often found when standard production equipment is designated to carry out, as far as possible, a specific production.
In order to cover the high volumes of staples required on the market, and to substantially improve production, the decision was taken to opt for a custom-developed machine.

This machine is capable of processing wire up to 3.5 mm diameter, with total developed staple lengths up to 100 mm. The products leave the machine directly with both ends chamfered at 30°. 

The raw materials come from two coils of wire, each of which is placed on a motorized dereeler with a capacity of 1,000 kg, so as to double the production rate without having to bear the inconvenience of having to speed up the feeding, bending and chamfering operations . The production rate is set at 120 staples per minute.

The process is as follows:  
- Two coils of wire are placed on two motorized unwinders 
- The wires pass through a double rotary straightener, whose mechanical positioning is ensured by a motorized system, digitally adjustable and reproducible.
- The main machine processes the wire in discontinuous mode, and the unwinders feed the raw materials at fairly continuous speeds. In order to synchronize the two, a double raw material accumulation loop has been created between the two sub-assemblies.
- Each wire feed is provided by a double set of 4 feed rollers, with quick clamping and opening. Each set is driven by its own motor. To avoid any possible slippage in the wire feed, the encoders take their rotation directly from the running raw materials.
- The cut-to-length wires are fed and held on an indexable rotary table with horizontal axis. The table moves the cut wires to an end chamfering station and then to a bending tool. Each step is validated by sensors. The operator can control and monitor the entire process via a colour touch screen.

About Baudrand New Tech
A specialist in equipment for industrial production of metal wire and strip, Baudrand New Tech offers spring forming machines, multi-slide benders, mesh and reinforcing armature welding equipment and straightening and-cutting lines as well as special machines. Baudrand New Tech provides design, manufacturing, assembly and tooling adjusting for many brands. Also offered is second-hand equipment from diverse manufacturers, available and guaranteed.