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Dörken MKS Wins the German Innovation Award 2020

Dörken MKS  presents: The award-winning zinc flake solutions that cure at room temperature!

A new zinc flake product from Dörken MKS delivers a high level of corrosion protection and offers new opportunities for coating. Too large, too bulky, too temperature-sensitive to coat… attributes that are no longer a problem with the new product from Dörken MKS. To prevent the corrosion of temperature-sensitive or large parts and components it is now possible to use the new DELTA-PROTEKT® KL 170 RT zinc flake solution.

The new product is applied via spray application and cures at room temperatures of 20–25°C within approximately 20–60 minutes, depending on the thickness of the coat applied. This means there is no need for a drying oven. In addition, a matching top coat can also be applied.