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Japanese Takasho Gigen Develops 3-Point Anti-loosening Bolts

Takasho Gigen combines 3 nuts for a new 3-point anti-loosening bolt. The company puts a custom-shape nut between two nuts with their surface inclined inward to generate a strong fastening force. The new bolt can be used on steel towers and bridges and mass-produced at any time desired. The company is planning to provide manufacturing license.

The key for generating a strong fastening force is the custom-shape nut which has an 11-degree inward declined circular surface containing notches. First, the stainless steel nuts and threads have different starting positions, which generates pressure to the side of the threads during the fastening process. Second, the notches on the iron nut will bend the circular inclined surface inward by 0.4 mm in diameter. The company makes use of these two phenomena to generate a fastening force. Lastly, the fastening force generated from surface width of the two stainless steel nuts, together with the first two phenomena, form a 3-point vibration resistance feature.