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Hassmann Celebrates its 65th Anniversary

Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

Today, the company is one of most important Brazilian fastener manufacturer especially in automotive supply.

In 1955, an Austrian and Brazilian couple, Elka and Karl Hassmann (1930 - 2014) founded in Imigrante town, Rio Grande State, Brazil, the Metalúrgica Hassmann. At the beginning it was just a modest repair company, making maintenance on equipment and manufacturing spare parts for the other local industries. Soon after, the activities were enlarging such as the case of manufacturing door lock, door windows and metal frames for windows to the PUC University, in Porto Alegre City, the State Capital, distant 130 km from Immigrant.

However, the activities as fastener industry begun just 1960 onwards specially because of search for a serial product, following international standards, allied to a necessity in Brazil, until so, with his industrialization process just on beginning. 
Since so, the Hassmann has working with much dedication, not saving effort to achieve and keep an excellence in quality, that became one of most important and fastener manufacturers on South America.

Currently, the Hassmann has 280 co-workers, his installed capacity allows the production around 1,8 thousand tons per month, divided on over 50 thousand fasteners types, as bolts, screws, rivets and special parts produced on diameter from 5 to 30 mm, through cold and hot forming process, always following a strict quality regulation, supplying products for the automotive, agricultural and electrical-electronic industries. Also, the company has operating overseas, with an own office in Brickell Key, Miami, Fl, USA.