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NejiLaw's L / R-ΔLoc adopted for G-SHOCK

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


NejiLaw (Tokyo) has completed an "L / R screw" that has both a right-handed spiral and a left-handed spiral by forming a special thread shape with a three-dimensional structure on the bolt surface without having a conventional spiral structure. In recent years, various developed products have been rapidly commercialized and adopted.

The "L / R screw" developed by the company is different from the loosening prevention function by frictional force, and it is possible to obtain a mechanically structural and strong rigidly bonded state. The principle is that both right-handed spiral nuts and left-handed spiral nuts are fitted to male-threaded bolts, and these nuts are mechanically connected to each other so that both nuts are tightened together. It is a mechanism that completely seals loosening by being guided by.
In October 2018, "L / R-ΔLoc" (L/R Delta Lock), which applied this principle, was adopted as the flagship model of Casio Computer's watch brand "G-SHOCK".

L / R-ΔLoc has a pin part to be inserted into the belt fixing part, and a male screw part forming an L / R screw structure is formed at the tip of the pin part. Screw the right-handed nuts in sequence and fasten. The rear end of the left-handed nut tightened first has a triangular portion, and the cylindrical portion provided at the tip of the right-handed nut tightened later is fixed while fitting to the triangular portion.

The inner circumference length of the cylindrical part and the outer circumference length of the triangular part are set to be approximately equal to each other in advance, and the cylindrical part is gradually deformed so as to fit along the triangular part according to the fitting of both. It is a mechanism that realizes a tough locking state by being designed so that the deformation of the part reaches the plastic deformation range and being pressure-welded by residual elasticity. With the realization of this mechanism, L / R-ΔLoc does not loosen even with severe shock vibration, and it can be removed non-destructively and can be reused repeatedly.