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Nissei 's PLB. a big challenge for a small division

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Within the company of the rolling machine manufacturer Nissei (Yamanashi), there is a division that develops business into new fields by utilizing the function of the original product loosening prevention bolt "PLB" (Perfect Lock Bolt). Although it is a small department, Director Katsutoshi Shinbutsu has a big vision.:

PLB has a double nut structure and has a double thread structure with a different pitch of one bolt. When two types of nuts with different pitches rotate due to vibration, the slow-moving nut presses the fast-moving inner nut even at the same rotation to physically prevent loosening. The company is expanding its business as a PLB licensor, and produces it by concluding a contract with an overseas fastener manufacturer. It is used in the mechanical field where there is a lot of vibration.

The company's "New Division" is aiming to expand PLB into a new market that is different from the mainstream industrial field. "PLB sells technology, not goods, so I can trade with the world 24 hours a day with a smartphone," said Shinbutsu, who heads a small department with two female employees.

Is it possible to apply the PLB function and utilize it in new fields? Under the name of "Invention Marathon," they collaborated with colleges of technology and universities to solicit ideas from students and proceeded with the process up to commercialization. The strap pin for electric guitars was the first to be commercialized in this way. It is said that the strap will not come off and the instrument will not fall off without loosening even during intense performances. Currently, it is sold nationwide under the brand name of "PERFECT LOCK BOLT" at major musical instrument stores. In addition, they have received orders from all over the world on the Internet.

In January of this year, they will also exhibit at NAMM Show 2020 (US), an international musical instrument festival. It is said that the sales of musical instruments are strong due to the demand for stay homes due to the covid-19. Taking this opportunity, they will target the audio equipment market and start full-scale sales of PLB.