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Hatebur Japan opens demonstration center

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


Hatebur Japan (Tokyo, Japan) opened a demonstration center in Ota-ku, Tokyo on October 1, where Carlo Salvi's CS001 RF one-die, two-blow header is installed.

The reason for the opening of the demonstration center is that users want to see the actual equipment when they consider introducing it, but it is difficult for them to go to Italy, visit companies that have introduced the equipment, or see the equipment at exhibitions.

The center is expected to be visited by users not only in Japan, but also in regions closer to Italy, such as the Northeast, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and India.

In order to have access to the center from home and abroad, and to be able to borrow cranes and lifts, the company rented an area of about 50 square meters in Ota-ku, Tokyo, which is used for warehousing, transportation, and import/export of machinery.
The CS 001 RF, installed as a demonstration machine, has a minimum/maximum wire diameter of 0.6/2.2mm, a maximum body length of 22mm, a maximum cutting length of 35mm, a maximum head outer diameter of 6.5mm, and a maximum production speed of 600 pieces/minute. The crankshaft-conrod system uses a toggle mechanism to apply a gradually increasing load, rather than the conventional instantaneous load, for faster and higher productivity.

The machine is the smallest of Carlo Salvi's 1-die, 2-blow headers, and can be used as a reference for introducing larger machines in the same series.

The tour is available from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays by prior reservation only. The location will be announced by the company after the visit to the center is confirmed.