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Ensuring a buildings energy-efficiency with CELO Fixings

With the increasing trends for a sustainable future, one of the areas that is always considered is energy efficiency. Efficiently built buildings can result in lower energy bills, longer lasting installations, and an increase in comfort for those inside. 

When insulating a building the first thing considered is the type of insulation panel to be used, however, it is equally important to think about what elements will be installed on the insulation such as lighting, downpipes, canopies, mailboxes or smart doorbells among others, and how it will be installed. By ensuring that even the smallest hole is optimally sealed, issues such as thermal bridging or water leaks could be prevented, and at the same time, it will optimise the energy-efficiency of the household. 

With over 55 years of experience in the fastening industry, CELO understands the importance of using the right fixing solution for each construction base material and is concerned in providing energy efficient solutions that contribute to reducing ineffective thermal installations and to build a more sustainable world. CELO‘s engineering team are constantly on the lookout for new innovative insulation fixing solutions that reduce the installation time and save costs; costs not only of the fixing products but also in labour costs, return on investment, and future energy bills for the property owner. 

To highlight the impact of using the right solutions for installations on insulated boards, CELO has created a new video showing the thermal impact of installations on insulated façades, how they are helping prevent thermal bridging and how easy they are to install. 

With the wide range of fixings made in Germany on offer from CELO, it is now possible to safely install most external applications to any insulated façade. Products such as the Insulation plug IPL or the Insulation screw IPS, can be used to install light-loads such as letterboxes and wall connection profiles, while the distance mounting system ResiTHERM® can be used to install to heavy-duty applications such as awnings.