Arma Fixing Systems Continues Its Investing to Clamping Production Line
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Arma Fixing Systems Continues Its Investing to Clamping Production Line

ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS was established in 1980 as a tooling workshop. As an innovative and dynamic company, it continues to serve its customers in various sectors mainly in the automotive and white goods as well as machinery, agriculture, defense, maritime, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and construction with a total closed area of 7,000 square meters.

Product portfolio consists of fixing clamps, hose clamps, locking type pre-positioned clamps, ear clamps, rubber lined clamps, metal clips, cage nuts, metal brackets, metal components, plastic clips and other plastic fasteners. With its strong R&D and molding staff, the ability to design new molds, gauges, apparatus and machines according to customer drawings is one of the biggest advantages of the company.

ARMA continues to work with confident steps with the vision of being a leading company in the fastener and fixing sector, providing innovative solutions for clamping products with the understanding of continuous development, increasing its export and market share every year by digitalizing its processes with its innovation-oriented entrepreneurial spirit.

One of the main strategies of ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS is offering new product alternatives to its customers. In particular, there are significant progress in both the production and sales of two products in clamping section. Locking type clamps, which are used on fluid management systems in the automotive sector and provide the operator with the opportunity to pre-position before installation, are in high demand from global Tier-1 companies. Thanks to the locking feature, which is patented by ARMA, the clamp is fixed in the desired position and the adjustment time in the assembly line is eliminated. The number of projects in mass production related to this clamp is increasing day by day. For products with different bandwidths, the new mold system has taken its place in the production line. With the newly commissioned automatic production lines, total production capacity has tripled.

Serial production continues also for the new type of hose clamp product, which is used in the white goods sector. R&D team designed 2 different automatic production lines supported by %100 camera control system. This clamp, which stands out with its impermeability feature, has successfully passed all the tests applied by global OEM customers. Company’s aim is to gradually quadruple the amount of production by the end of 2024.

Patent applications for two different automatic production systems regarding fixing clamps have been completed. Besides, utility model and overseas design registration applications have been made for a new locking system for the locking type clamp product.

ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS exports 47% of its production to more than 40 countries in total in a wide geography including North America, South America and Asia, and mainly Europe. The company aims to increase its market share in specifically the UK, France and the USA.

With new investments in near future, ARMA will continue to develop its production line. The company is planning to purchase 2 eccentric presses of 45 tons with air clutch system for the press shop, 3 plastic injection machines with 150 tons capacity for the production of plastic fasteners, CNC vertical machining center for the tooling shop, 2 automatic metal forming machines for serial production department and 2 automatic assembly line for clamping products section. In addition, ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS plans to obtain its certificates by completing the necessary preparations for ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 management systems.

As part of ARMA sustainability studies, fact finding report was carried out by a consultant company. As of the end of 2023, it is planned to close all determined actions and make an Ecovadis application.

By successfully completing the environmental management system studies, the company was entitled to renew ISO 14001 certificate and to receive Zero Waste Certificate. ARMA has saved 30,000 KW annually by converting LEDs in its lighting systems. In addition, electricity supply company has been changed and switched to renewable energy use. 

In addition to these, ARMA continues to the project studies for a new production facility that will have a closed area of 17,000 m2 in Kapaklı/Tekirdağ. The roof of the mentioned manufacturing facility is planned to be suitable for the solar energy system within the scope of the Green Deal.