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Angor-Intools and Dimac At Cleveland. Turning The Spotlight On The Inspection Of Tomorrow

Fastener Fair USA is a “must attend” event. All in one place and within 2 days, attendees will be invited to discover the latest Fastener World Novelty.
Angor-Intools, partnering up Italian Dimac, will be at the Expo to display their very latest technologies and products, plus their experts will be on hand to discuss how they can participate in cost reduction within supply chains, and how they can offer new, alternative, cost-effective solutions.
We talk about it with Mr. Andrew Dreger and Mr. Massimo Agrati.
“Mr. Dreger, both companies are dedicated to develop alternative solutions, with a vocation to promote innovation in the fasteners industry. What are your forecast for the Show?”
Mr. Andrew Dreger and Mr. Massimo Agrati: “Cleveland is a truly global supplier-sourcing opportunity and gives us the chance to build business with the key international players of Fasteners Industry supply chain, especially in an essential market for our segment as the States are”.
“Mr. Agrati, it will be also the occasion to blow out Dimac 30 candles, isn’t it?”
A.D.&M.A.: “Yes, this year we’re celebrating our anniversary and for sure we’ll present within the Fair some of the events we’re planning, giving a warm welcome to customers, friends, attendees”.
“What can visitors expect to find at booth #218, Mr. Dreger?”

A.D.&M.A.: “As always to come together in a convivial and human-sized place, experiencing the latest inspection & sorting novelty. We’ll present our material handling equipment, belt conveyors and automatic packing solutions developed in cooperation with Dimac, such as AVBC-BOX and L-BOX”.
“Mr. Agrati, can you spend some words about your latest software upgrades?”

A.D.&M.A.: “They’re available for manifold applications. E.g. for a very accurate optical measurement, such as new MCVx program, for remote inspection and sorting management, as MCVx_Remote; or Volume Plus, i.e. an advanced predictive forming control tool.”.
“Mr. Agrati, your best-seller equipment is MCV1, a high productivity index and continuous rotary table machine. How can you explain its success in US too?”.
A.D.&M.A.: “It inspects a wide spectrum of cold forged and turned parts by high resolution optics and advanced NDT device, guaranteeing to obtain all the indicators to approach 100% OK parts”.
In other words, to hit the Zero Defects target. The good chat is almost up. Mr. Agrati and Mr. Dreger just announce that within the thirtieth anniversary activities, Dimac we’ll present the re-styled and modernized releases of MCV1 and MCV5.
“MCV1 marked a turning point on Quality Control scenario 20 years ago,” Mr. Agrati says “bringing Dimac to be distinguished for efficiency and high technology. We are working to clothe it newly, increasing its performances and facilities. The MCV5 glass rotary table model is following the same footsteps, probably the most efficient machine we produce with great performances, including the ultimate high-speed Eddy Current Heat Treatment detection station”.
Make a date for Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th April 2018, at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland - OH, for 2 days of business, innovation and networking.
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