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Our Goal is to move our KLR Brand to the Top in Hot Forging in Europe

Founded by Kazım Kaleli in 1995, Kaleliler Fasteners is servicing with 108 employee, 15 of which are engineers and 30 white collar employees. 
In our modern factory with 9.500 sqm indoor space on a 14 acres lot located in Ankara- Saray, we perform manufacturing in European standards.
Via hot forging and machining we manufacture class 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 standard and customized high-strength bolts with diameters between M24 and M72, and the length up to 900 mm.  We also keep the products with diameter under M24 in stock at high quantities because we are the region’s main dealer of Norm Bolts. Thus, we have capablity of meeting all the demands for the products from M8 to M72. 
• Hot forged and machined bolts, and very special parts with diameters between  M20-M72, hot forged nuts,
• Studs, anchors and rolled parts with diameters between 8 mm and 220 mm,
• High strength and desired length of studs in various quality standards, especially 8.8 and 10.9, Gr.B7, made from heat treated materials
• We produce custom and project based parts by order. We also have contract manufacturing for washers compliant to our own specifications. 
We try to keep our length of term within 4 weeks. Our monthly production capacity is 500 tons.
Machine park
In hot forging we have 3 lines. Besides, there are processing centers, CNCs where we can produce special parts, a high-capacity hot forging line for nuts, thread forming machinery for nuts, CNC machines that specially designed to suit your production style, thread rolling and coating line. 
Exports and Goals
We manufacture and export to the order from entire Europe, mainly from Sweden, Germany and Italy. Export’s share in the turnover, as of last year, was around 14%. We aim to increase this ratio initially to 25% and, eventually to 50%. 
Our move to the new factory has also affected our exports increase compared to last year. After expanding our capacity, we approved focusing on abroad more. 
Raw Materials
We procure raw material from domestic steel producers.  We do not import raw materials from the Far East, we only import raw materials from Italy and Germany at our customers’ option. We are being extremly cautious on raw materials to be 100% crack controlled and certified while receiving. We mainly use rods. 
Quality Management System 
We use Canias ERP as quality management system. Everything is registered in the system during the production from the moment of entry for control of raw materials. The records are kept in the system abidingly and the backup is being taken. The production is started by recording which material is used, it is taken to the cutting process with the casting number which followed by the other production and follow-up process.
Coating-Heat Treatment
We are able to perform Cr + 3 electro-galvanized coating in-house, and geomet coating and hot-dip galvanizing through our suppliers. In this process, of course, our engineers are continuously involved to inspect. Products are shipped to our customers with measurement results and 3.1.B certificates.
As of now, we are outsourcing the heat treatment under the control of an engineer of ours. The incoming material is also sent to the coating after it is inspected here. Following the return from the coating, it is inspected again and packaged and final control is performed prior to shipping to the customer.
In our quality control lab, we can perform tests (tensile, yield, elongation, torque, impact strength test, 100% crack control (MPI), chemical analysis tests on raw materials, etc.) to determine if the fasteners meet the relevant standard requirements. We also have equipment for metallographic inspection in order to meet special customer requests. Our company certainly does not compromise on quality.
We have made and investment in a heat treatment plant and our machine is now being produced. We are prepared to have it in the house up and running by May-June of this year. Monthly capacity for heat treatment is planned to be 500 tons and we can consider not only to meet our own heat treatment needs but also to provide services outside.
We will have some more investments in machinery for nuts and bolts. We consider our next investment to be on hot dip galvanizing. Our production-oriented machinery investments are ongoing.  Most recently we have received 2 benches with higher capacity and more precision for chipless machining and metal cutting. Since we are a company that also provides service to the energy sector, especially wind energy we are planning to dedicate one of these machines for this sector, considering the materials need to be processed more precisely in this sector. 
We are focused on larger bolts and special materials. Cold forging and serial manufacturing is not in our agenda.
Industries Served 
Main sectors we work in are steel constructions, bridges, dams, airports, industrial plants, power plants, stadiums, space cages, work machines. 
With a project started last year, we have become a global supplier of Siemens Wind and our approval processes with other wind energy producers continue. Due to the fact that our product range caters to this sector, up until now, there are 6 projects we have completed in this field in Turkey. Five of them were realized by providing entire basic fasteners needed and the one by providing entire turbine connections (except for the wings). We have provided all 10.9 bolts and we aim to take this experience further.
We are providing almost all the bolts of the Istanbul 3rd Airport project that is currently underway. Also, in Aliağa Petroleum Refinery Project all the anchor bolts, bolt-nut-plate sets of the lower and upper structure was provided by us.
Currently in our own course, we are one of the two Turkish companies known in Turkey and Europe. Our goal is to become one of the top 3 companies in hot forging and larger bolts production in Europe over the next 10 years. We continue to make the necessary investments toward this. We aim to bring our KLR brand name to be among the top companies known for hot forging in Europe. For the year 2018, we aimed to make our factory area more organized and to facilitate lean production and 5S trainings for our personnel in order to prevent waste; our work started as of February. Additionally, undertaking a University-Industry Cooperation and establishing an R & D office as a result was also among our medium-term targets. As of February, we have signed a protocol with Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering in this context and our work will start at the beginning of March. Our company has always valued youth’s vision and creativity, and the great majority of our employees, especially our engineers, are made up of self-improved young people. We think that the joint project we will do with young candidates of engineer from METU will be very beneficial to our company and also to our country.
Sectoral Foresights
The fastener industry is growing in Turkey and developments are being made to encourage production. The need of our country is not the manufacturers who try to do the same work while pulling down someone else’s; but the ones who try to do better by taking the example of someone else’s work, and the development of this understanding in every sector. This principle, as it would be beneficial to the sector as well as to entirety of Turkish companies, will also show effects in extending the markets for all of us and reinforcing the confidence toward Turkey.  I think the companies that adopt this point of view will grow even bigger and the examples prove that. Quality must be an indispensable priority for all of us, companies that adopt it can be competitive in the world. Not only in our country but all over the world, the construction industry is demanding materials based on quality production and this demand is increasing